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PBS’ Moveable Feast in Utah

Moveable Feast, from PBS, filmed at Log Haven & Lookout Cabin in July, highlighting dishes using fresh regional ingredients.


PBS’ Moveable Feast, a 13-episode series produced by GBH and, takes viewers on a culinary journey of discovery, transporting them to diverse regions of the world to explore vibrant food cultures. According to the folks at Moveable Feast, “Our hosts team up with the world’s most innovative chefs, known for their use of fresh regional ingredients, to create spontaneous delicious feasts in unique settings for friends and family that will inspire home cooks everywhere.”

In July, the Moveable Feast crew spent a week here in Salt Lake City and Park City filming two Utah episodes that will air in October as part of the 10th season of Moveable Feast. Host Alex Thomopoulous and crew visited Log Haven restaurant and Lookout Cabin at Park City Mountain Resort. 

Chef Dave Jones & Michelli Knauer

During each episode of Moveable Feast, chefs gather to create a literal feast. But prior to that, the chefs and film crew visit local purveyors and artisans to “forage” during field trips for ingredients to be used in their feasts, and I was lucky enough to be invited to tag along to farm visits and attend the feasts at Log Haven and Lookout Cabin. For example, Log Haven Chef Dave Jones and the Moveable Feast crew visited to film Dave at SLC’s Wonderlands Mushrooms Co. with Alex and the show’s culinary producer, Michelli Knauer, and to New Roots farm with Chef Viet Pham. 

Moveable Feast Filming at Log Haven

Lavanya Mahate, Dave Jones, Alex Thomopoulous & Viet Pham

The first of the two feasts for Utah’s Moveable Feast episodes was held at Log Haven restaurant, where Chef Dave Jones teamed up with Viet Pham (Pretty Bird) and Lavanya Mahate (Saffron Valley) to film and create a mind-blowing dinner. 

Lavanya Mahate & Alex Thomopoulos

For the Log Haven feast, Lavanya Mahate made a delicious Paneer Tikka Masala where pieces of paneer (cottage cheese) and vegetables are marinated in yogurt and spices, and then skewered and grilled to smoky perfecon. The tikka pieces are then removed from the skewer and folded into a creamy curry sauce made with tomatoes, spices and cream.

Alex Thomopoulous & Viet Pham

While filming at Log Haven, Viet Pham of Pretty Bird told host Alex that “Growing up I watched PBS cooking shows and they helped shape my love of cooking.” 

Viet Pham’s Fried Chicken with Dill Sauce

For his contribution to the feast, Viet cooked up some fried chicken with a delectable dill sauce – a bit of a changeup from the Pretty Bird hot chicken he’s made famous – which was paired with Alex’s savory Southeast Asian slaw with ingredients from New Roots Farm. 

Log Haven’s Pond & Wildlife

One of the film crew members commented to me that Log Haven was the most beautiful place they’d ever filmed. “I’ve never filmed in front of a waterfall before!,said one of them. As a special treat – though not at all unusual at Log Haven – the crew was treated to some spontaneous wildlife sightings, including a deer and the Tundra Swans who have made their home at the pond across from the restaurant. 

Dave Jones’ Achiote-Adobo Chicken

Log Haven Chef Dave Jones really rocked the Moveable Feast with his scrumptious  Achiote-Adobo Chicken with grilled King Trumpet Mushroom Salsa dish. It was spectacular. 

The View from Lookout Cabin

A couple of days later, the Moveable Feast team moved over to Park City Mountain for a feast held mid-mountain at Lookout Cabin. After a ride on the Orange Bubble Express chairlift up to the Cabin, feast guests were greeted with cocktails and stunning mountain views from the deck. 

Chicken Leg Confit & Ravioli

At Lookout Cabin, Chefs Alex Malmborg and Zeke Wray and their talented culinary team created a memorable feast that included Crispy Chicken Leg Confit with Gold Creek Aged Cheddar ravioli, local seared greens and Utah honey wine jus. 

Sea Bass with Basil Pistou Emulsion

Another stunning dish at Lookout Cabin was Sea Bass served with basil pistou emulsion, pistachios and leek salad. 

Lavender Panna Cotta

But the real eye-popper – and yes, it was as good as it looks – was Chef Zeke Wray’s lovely Lavender Panna Cotta with Utah honeycombs and blackberry honey. It was killer. 

To see these wonderful feasts and the field trips and cooking demonstrations, stay tuned to Utah Bites for the Moveable Feast television air dates featuring Utah chefs and restaurants. Moveable Feast can also be streamed online.

Photos by Ted Scheffler 

Culinary quote of the week: “Small cheer and great welcome makes a merry feast.” – William Shakespeare  

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