Utah Stories Staff

Richard Markosian


I am a storyteller and journalist. I have a passion for farmers, local craftspeople, and folks who aspire to create, build, and grow their businesses in the local marketplace. Why local? By supporting locally-owned businesses we create more opportunities for entrepreneurs, and we claim our sovereignty to shape our communities how we want to see them.

On the journalism side of things, my passion is investigative journalism which offers true insight into issues. I believe strongly in the fourth estate: strong, meaningful, insightful journalism is essential to a free market Democracy.

Golda Hukic-Markosian, Ph.D

Managing Editor

A physicist turned into a local magazine publisher and managing editor with a passion for making the world a better place through sharing the stories of ordinary people and businesses overcoming hardships and succeeding.

In her free time, Golda likes to hang out with her dogs and browse local shops.

Connie Lewis

Publisher’s Assistant

Connie has been writing for Utah Stories since 2013, while also performing administrative tasks, coordinating writers, photographers, and editors, and overseeing a million little details.

When she is not writing, Connie loves spending time with her family and traveling with her dogs. 

Dave Jensen

Copy Editor

Dave is a Utah native who began writing in high school, where he gained a love of language, communication, and photography. As a published freelance writer and photographer for the past 35 years, his work has appeared in several local and regional publications on a variety of subjects.

Dave joined the Utah Stories staff in 2014 as a copy editor and contributing writer. He enjoys the creative outlet that writing and editing provide, along with the opportunity to be inspired by other writers. He appreciates the diversity, creativity, teamwork, and entrepreneurial spirit that pervade each issue of Utah Stories, and working with the talented people who create it each month.

Alegra Zuchowicz

Social Media and Client Success Manager

Alegra Zuchowicz is the Accounts and Social Media Manager at Utah Stories. Although her job involves much more than writing stories, she has a traditional Journalism background. Attending California Polytechnic State University, she graduated in Journalism concentrating in Public Relations with a minor in Dance in 2022.

Her passion for Journalism stems from her belief that you can make a difference through words and telling stories, and she is excited to bring passion into her writing at Utah Stories. 

Matthew Pyne

Digital Media Marketing Specialist

Matthew has a background in Marketing and Communications, graduating from Alvernia University in Reading, PA in 2016.

His passion for journalism began at an early age when he started covering Baltimore Orioles baseball and Baltimore Ravens football for various online blogs. Post graduation, Matthew worked for USA Today in Pennsylvania and was immersed in the ins and outs of print and online journalism. 

Matthew enjoys sports, playing the guitar, and particularly filmmaking in his free time. Matthew is an aspiring filmmaker and is only fueled by his love of storytelling with Utah Stories.

Tamara S. Mullen

Print Media Marketing Specialist

After living among the avocado orchards in California and the emerald green in Oregon, I returned home to the majestic mountains of Utah. Growing up with the Utah Symphony I dreamed of becoming a concert pianist. While Chopin and Bach brought me much joy, my only claim to fame was winning my school’s music competition – I was six.

But little did I imagine that a few years beyond earning an MBA from UCLA, I would serve as director of marketing for a renowned symphony orchestra where I would come to see how music lifted the life of every child, inspiring me to create The Sound in the Woods – an award-winning story about a young boy’s journey toward becoming a violin maker. I then founded a business to hand-sell my book to indie book and specialty shops, libraries, and folks within our communities.

Together, my experiences have provided a foundation to help Utah Stories grow and prosper through building enduring marketing partnerships and helping to launch a new magazine.

Fletcher Marchant

Layout Artist

Fletcher is the Layout Designer for Utah Stories based in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has lived in Utah his whole life. Fletcher is attending Salt Lake Community College to wrap up his degree before transferring to the University of Utah next spring. 

Fletcher started doing graphic design when he was only 15 years old. That’s when he discovered GIMP, and he knew it was something he could turn into a career. Over the years Fletcher has developed a foundation of design that should be used as a tool by utilizing the very framework of a composition. He hopes that readers can still see him through the layouts and that they continue reading Utah Stories.

Anna Lythgoe

Graphic Designer

Anna is a graphic designer, born and raised in Utah. She graduated from the
University of Utah with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. With over a decade of
experience, Anna has worked on many different types of projects from logo designs, and catalogs to packaging. She loves to spend time with her family and work alongside her husband on
their small farm.