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About Utah Stories Magazine

  1. Half of our readers eat out 4-5 times per week. Foodies love Utah Stories Magazine
  2.  70% of our circulation is within five miles of the heart of downtown Salt Lake City
  3. We are the number one most read magazine in the downtown hotels. Concierge desks love to hand out Utah Stories to tourists seeking the “best of local Utah”.
  4. We are the most read lifestyle magazine in Utah (by far). Every month we print 26,000 copies and distribute to 700 locations.

About Utah Stories Online

  1. Utah Stories writes about the important issues that affect the quality of life Utah.
  2. Our podcast is designed to attempt to find the truth by talking to people who are in the know.
  3. reaches a wide readership of mostly Utahns seeking our quality journalism that helps them make better decisions.

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