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Cocktails & Cannabis at WB’s Eatery in Ogden. Bird Feeder Café Open for Spring/Summer at Tracy Aviary. Bill White Farms Burger Kits & More.


Cocktails & Cannabis @ WB’s Eatery

On June 23rd starting at 6:00 p.m, WB’s Eatery in Ogden will present the Cocktail & Cannabis Club’s “Weed Social” hosted by Salt Baked City Magazine

According to the organizers of the Weed Social, you can “expect to hash out and hang out with like minded buds as we discuss the cannabis plant, its benefits, and its uses. The Weed Social will include FREE SWAG and a CBD cocktail card as well as a five-course Bites menu paired with three Classic Cocktails or substitute non-alcoholic. WB’s CBD Oil is also available for purchase and your dosing pleasure.”

Joining the Cocktail & Cannabis Club gets members bud-friendly discounts, down-lows, and more. The prices for June’s Weed Social is $40 for bites and $25 for drinks. WB’s CBD oil is $74.99, tax not included. To purchase Weed Social tickets, click here.

Bird Feeder Café Open for Spring/Summer

According to the folks at Tracy Aviary, “the Bird Feeder Café at the Aviaryis a concession stand seasoned with a conservative agenda.” Well no … not that kind of conservative agenda. 

Says Tracy Aviary, “At the foundation of the conservation agenda is the structure itself, which is comprised of four reused shipping containers. Food and drinks offered at the Bird Feeder Café are freshly prepared, served using sustainable materials, and change seasonally.”

“All of our [coffee] beans are triple certified; USDA Organic, Fair Trade, and Smithsonian Bird Friendly. USDA Organic operations must protect natural resources, conserve biodiversity, and use only approved substances. GMOs are prohibited. Fair Trade means the farmers growing our coffee earn a sustainable income because we pay them a fair price for their beans.”

The Bird Feeder Café offers public access and can be found in the South-West quadrant of Liberty Park. The café is open from 9am to 5pm during the summer season with variable hours in the winter.

Bill White Burger Kits & More

At Bill White Farms in Park City, burger lovers can purchase burger kits that make backyard grilling a cinch. Burger kits to serve 2 include one pound of Bill White Ranches Ground Beef, with two Windy Ridge Bakery burger buns, housemade pickles, sliced red onion, tomato, lettuce and 2 slices of cheddar or swiss cheese for $15. 

In addition to those Burger Kits, Bill White Farmstand offers breakfast/brunch packages complete with Earthganic eggs, ground beef sausage and more. Sustainable seafood has recently been restocked at Bill White Farms and you can also pick up award-winning cocktail mixes, fresh produce, flowers, baked goods, entrees to reheat, and much more. Check out the selections for ordering online by clicking here



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