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Snow in May? Utah Stories Top 5 5/6/24

On today’s top 5, we discuss the snowy weather in May, and what the roads are looking like in the mountains.


  1. Therapy Dogs Taking Over Salt Lake’s Courtrooms 

Intermountain Therapy Animals (ITA) provides screened, trained, and licensed therapy dogs for courtrooms, where their calming presence aids in reducing stress for everyone involved, including judges, staff, and families. These dogs, carefully selected for their people-oriented nature, offer unique comfort to individuals navigating the legal system, particularly children facing traumatic situations. The impact of therapy dogs is profound, as seen in instances where previously hostile or nervous individuals become more relaxed and communicative in their presence. ITA’s program, initiated by volunteers like Linda Webster, has expanded to include numerous courtrooms, reflecting the recognition of the therapeutic value these animals bring to such environments.

  1. Utahns Inducted to the US Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame 

The ski season culminated in a grand ski awards event, akin to the Academy Awards, held by the US Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame and the International Skiing History Association from March 20-23. Hosted across various locations including Park City’s Blackrock Mountain Resort and the Alf Engen Ski Museum, the extravaganza featured parties, ski tours, a fashion show, and awards ceremonies honoring ski history luminaries. Notable winners included Alan and Barbara Engen, recognized for their film about Alf Engen, and Ayja Bounous, honored for her biography on ski instructor Junior Bounous. The Hall of Fame inducted new members such as Olympians Shannon Bahrke Happe and Billy Demong, along with ski industry figure Les Otten, concluding with a celebratory “afterburner” party.

  1. Snow in May? 

Why is there snow in Utah in May? According to the Salt Lake Tribune, a winter storm warning remains in effect as of this morning. 8-18 inches are expected in the Wasatch mountains, and winter driving conditions are expected in the mountains. 

  1. Kilby Block Party Is Coming Up This Weekend

The annual Kilby Block Party is coming up this weekend. The headliners are Vampire Weekend, The Postal Service and Death Cab for Cutie, and LCD Soundsystem. Utah Stories will be in attendance, so head to our Instagram to check out some live videos, and stories. 

  1. Utah Police Officer Killed In Hit and Run 

A Utah officer was killed on Sunday morning, hit by a semi truck driver and the driver fled the scene, leading to a man hunt, according to Fox News. Go to Fox News website to read the full story.

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