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A Utah High School Charges Its Students a Fee for Skipping Classes

Olympus High School started fining students $5 if they are found in the hallway when they are supposed to be in class. This policy went into effect January 3 to coerce students to go to their classes. 


Hall monitors have been placed in the halls of Olympus High School to look out for students skipping class. If caught students are asked for their name, which is reported to the office. The office then adds $5 to the student’s school fees on their school account.

Teachers have been assigned the role of hall monitors, but the school’s administration has discussed hiring people specifically for hall monitor positions.

Some students said they feel that this policy is unfair to part of the student body. “It is unfair to underprivileged families, as they are more likely to be heavily affected by the fee, even if it might be small,” twelfth-grader Arik Uremovich said. “All it will do is make the people who are already going to class more stressed about doing so.” 

Photo by MChe Lee on Unsplash

Students who are already trying to be in class will be more worried about getting there on time to avoid getting fined for being caught in the hallway in between classes.

Other students view the fine as too extreme. “Five dollars for just walking around in the halls is crazy. It would be better if it were a warning system that gradually got up to a fee,” an anonymous twelfth-grader said.

Despite this policy being introduced, students are still skipping classes at Olympus High School. “A lot of teachers don’t even enforce the policy because they also think it’s dumb,” eleventh-grader Charlie Bishop said. 

Because Charlie and Arik have been going to class and getting there on time, neither have gotten a fee. However, Arik said students don’t even care about the fee. “They’re just more likely to leave campus instead of hanging out in the halls,” Arik said.

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