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UDOT Denied Safe Crossing for Animals in Park City Without Explanation Utah Stories Top 5 4/17/24

On today’s top 5 we discuss that despite efforts from Save People Save Wildlife (SPSW) UDOT denied support for a wildlife crossing.


  1. UDOT Denied Safe Crossing for Animals in Park City Without Explanation 

In a press release sent to Utah Stories it described that six months after UDOT’s commitment to address wildlife passage safety on State Route 224, a closed-door meeting was held on April 2, 2024, involving various agencies to tackle the issue of wildlife-vehicle collisions, particularly on the 5th worst corridor in Utah. Despite efforts from Save People Save Wildlife (SPSW) and their financial contributions, UDOT Region 2 Director Rob Stewart shockingly denied support for a wildlife crossing, citing subjective decision-making without providing evidence.

  1. Moab’s Nearly Forgotten Isolation Camp of Japanese Americans

During the Great Depression, Dalton Wells was a Civilian Conservation Corps camp, but during WWII, it became a prison for Japanese American “troublemakers,” detaining 55 men from January to April 1943. Despite the focus on well-known internment sites like Topaz, Moab’s camp remained largely obscure until a recent exhibit shed light on its history. Managed by Mary Langworthy, the exhibit showcases letters and photos revealing the harsh conditions and injustice faced by detainees, highlighting systemic racism and the violation of constitutional rights. With a soft opening attended by former state Sen. Jani Iwamoto, who shared a personal connection to the era, the exhibit at Moab Museum has already drawn nearly 250 visitors, offering insight into a dark chapter of American history.

  1. Coachella Fomo? 

Everyone has been talking about how Coachella is dying, but it seems that the 2024 Festival has had a resurgence. Although the line up was getting bashed online, many of the headliners brought out stars like Kesha, Billie Eilish, Childish Gambino, and Justin Bieber. If you were looking at social media this weekend, feeds were filled with Gen Zers describing their “FOMO” Fear of Missing Out. What do you think about Coachella? Comment down below. 

  1. Where Do You Get Delicious Birria in Town? 

Over the weekend I was in search of queso and birria. And found Los Tapatios Taco Grill. If you want delicious birria in any form you can think of, taco, torta, ramen, then this is the place for you. The perfect bite is a crisp chip, queso, pickled onion, birria, beans, and rice. Check out this taco place when you get the chance. 

  1. This Weekend Will Bring Spring Weather 

According to ABC4, the sunny weather is coming our way here in Utah. Temperatures will be in the 60’s and 70’s. What is your favorite spring activity? Comment down below. 

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