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Will Utahns Still Have Access to Millcreek Canyon? Utah Stories Top 5 4/5/24

On today’s top 5, we discuss whether we we still have access to Millcreek Canyon, the Tribune reported we may not for two years.


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  1. SLC Vintage Crawl 

Today and tomorrow, April 5th and 6th, there is a vintage crawl going on in Salt Lake City. All you do is go to the vintage stores, Annata Vintage, Copperhive Vintage, Strawberry Mansion, Oliver and Princess Natasha, The Simple Nest, Unhinged, and The Village Vintage Interiors. Visit each shop and get a stamp, then at the end of the crawl you will be entered in a giveaway. 

  1. Storytelling Event at Shades 

Utah Stories is inviting you to a storytelling competition at Shades Brewing Taproom on April 10th from 7 to 9 pm. You will have 3 minutes to share your story. The best story will win $100 cash. The runner-ups will win $50 gift cards to Ruth’s Diner and Caffe Molise, concert tickets to State Room, and $20 gift cards to Ruby Snap. 

The best stories will be covered in the next issues of Utah Stories or podcasts.

  1. Two Dogs Missing for 11 days were reunited with Ogden Family 

According to KSL, two Dobermans were missing for 11 days and were reunited with their Ogden family. The Dobermans caught the attention of hundreds on social media. On Easter morning the dogs were found. 

  1. What is Ogden’s Beer Scene Like? 

 Historic 25th Street buzzes with festivals and gatherings year-round, reflecting Ogden’s spirit of hard work and adventure. Breweries like Roosters Brewing Co., with its eclectic music events and beer pairings, and Slackwater Pub & Pizzeria, offering live music alongside artisan pizza and a vast beer selection, epitomize Ogden’s community spirit. 

  1. Will We Have Access to Millcreek Canyon? 

The Federal Highway Administration, Salt Lake County, and other agencies propose widening Millcreek Canyon road from the winter gate parking area to Upper Big Water Trailhead, with construction slated for May 2025, potentially limiting access during the 2-year construction period due to safety concerns and cost considerations, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. Despite concerns raised by groups like Save Our Canyons about ecosystem impacts and alternatives to pavement, supporters argue that the project aims to address safety and accommodate growing canyon usage. While the proposal is open for public review until April 5, comments on project design are no longer accepted, but operational changes, such as shuttle options, are being considered.

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