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Does The Coffee Shop You Go To in Utah Say Something About Your Personality? Utah Stories Top 5 4/10/24

On today’s episode of Utah Stories Top 5, we discuss a TikTok that correlates Salt Lake coffee shops to personality traits.


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  1. Does Utah’s Tech Hub Power America’s Job Market? 

According to the Wall Street Journal, Salt Lake City was the country’s hottest job market in 2023. “Silicon Slopes” which refers to Salt Lake City’s tech hub is attracting workers from San Francisco and Los Angeles. With many workers finding cheaper housing in Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City is a 4 on the unemployment ranking which is much higher than Seattle at 33. Go to the Wall Street Journal Article to read more, and what do you think about Utah being a tech hub? 

  1. Is Utah The Most Dangerous State To Hike In? 

According to a study done by DeMayo Law Group, Utah is the fifth most dangerous state to hike in for beginners. The personal injury firm DeMayo Law Group analyzed the number of hiking trails in each state that hold a level five difficulty rating, and used this to determine which states had the most dangerous hiking trails for new or inexperienced hikers. What do you think about Utah being a dangerous place to hike? 

  1. Brew Pubs in Salt Lake City Airport   

At Salt Lake Airport, alcohol service begins as early as 8 am, contrasting with city regulations that delay service until 11:30 am. Businesses at the airport must already have a local presence, ensuring familiarity and consistency for travelers. Craft breweries at the airport, like Roosters, Red Rock, Uinta, and Salt Lake Brewing, offer unique experiences and locally inspired brews. These breweries contribute to Utah’s beer culture and support community events while providing travelers with a taste of local flavors and traditions.

  1. Does The Coffee Shop You Go To in Utah Say Something About Your Personality? 

According to a Tiktok posted by rylanoah, what coffee shop you go to in Utah does say something about your personality. He describes that if you go to Publik Coffee you will be the most productive, if you go to Sugar House Coffee you are most likely a college student, if you are going to Cupla Coffee, you work in corporate, Beans and Brews is for reading a book, Salt Lake Coffee Break is for studying at 4 a.m, Cream Coffee and Soda is for U of U players sponsorships, and The Rose Establishment is for people who prefer a more complicated coffee. Go to rylanoah’s Instagram or Tiktok to watch his funny takes on Salt Lake City. 

  1. Evermore Park Closes

Evermore Park was a very unique fantasy land in Pleasant Grove, Utah that will now be closing down. According to Fox News, there were financial challenges that led to the closure. Comment down below what you think about the park closing. 

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