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Hollywood A-list photographer Hired to Photograph Salt Lake City Homeless for “Dignity” Utah Stories Top 5 4/15/24

On today’s top 5 we discuss a new initiative called Protect Human Dignity which is focused on taking portraits of homeless.


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  1. Dutch King’s Day Festival 

The Old Dutch Store and Dutch Club of Utah present Salt Lake City’s 3rd annual Dutch King’s Day, debuting in a new venue at MILLCREEK COMMON (1330 E Chambers Ave). On Saturday, April 27, King’s Day is celebrated across the world. The biggest celebration is in Amsterdam where millions of visitors and locals wear orange to celebrate King Willem-Alexander’s birthday at the world’s largest street party. Salt Lake City joins the fun with this free, family-friendly event showcasing the culture and traditions of Holland. Dutch King’s Day features Salt Lake’s legendary emcee and DJ Bad Brad Wheeler, King’s Day Craft & Vintage Fair, authentic Dutch cuisine and beer, kids’ activities and more. 

  1. Hollywood A-list photographer Hired to Photograph Salt Lake City Homeless for “Dignity”. 

The same photographer who created iconic portraits of Billie Eilish and Robert DeNiro is coming to SLC to photograph SLC’s homeless. According to an article in the Standard Examiner, a group dedicated to solving Utah’s homeless problem, Utah Impact Partnership launched an initiative called Project Human Dignity over the weekend. Which is focused on taking portraits of the homeless. “What if we thought of them,” one of Project Human Dignity’s first televised clips states according to the Standard Examiner, “as deserving of our empathy … of our help … of human dignity.” 

  1. What is Utah’s Oldest Business? 

Nestled in Huntsville, Utah, the Shooting Star Saloon stands as a testament to resilience, claiming titles as both the state’s oldest business and bar. Since its transformation from a mercantile in the 1850s to a saloon in 1879, it has weathered the storms of Prohibition and changing ownership, now under Leslie Sutter’s stewardship. Among its prized relics is Buck, the famed St. Bernard once Guinness-certified as the largest in the world, forever vigilant over the patrons. With walls adorned by currency from across the globe, the saloon offers a glimpse into its storied past while serving up $3 beers and $5 Star burgers, beckoning travelers and locals alike to partake in its historic charm and recession-proof hospitality. @zee.travel made a reel using our research and reminded us of this super interesting story. 

  1. Is Housing in Ogden Still Affordable? 

In Ogden, Amanda Neeley’s journey embodies the housing crisis facing many families: a cascade of setbacks, from job loss to medical emergencies, left her seeking assistance. Yet, she finds herself among 1,356 on the waitlist for Section 8 housing, a wait projected at four years. While Ogden once symbolized affordability, its charm and growth now drive housing costs upward, mirroring statewide trends. Despite efforts by local officials and developers like Lotus Riverwalk, where quality meets affordability, the struggle for dignified housing persists, revealing a complex landscape of income disparity and market pressures in Utah.

  1. Will The Arizona Coyotes Move to Utah? 

There’s been lots of talk in Salt Lake City about an MLB stadium and NHL coming to Salt Lake, although the MLB Stadium seems unlikely, NHL might be coming. NHL’s Arizona Coyotes players were told Friday that they were moving to Utah, according to Axios Salt Lake City. An official announcement could come as soon as this week, according to ESPN. 

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