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Utah’s Oldest Business – Shooting Star Saloon

Visit Utah’s oldest business in Huntsville at the Shooting Star Saloon.


The Shooting Star Saloon, Huntsville Utah. Copyright 2011 Rudy van BreeMany have laid claim to being Utah’s oldest business, and many more also claim in being Utah’s oldest bar. But none say they are both and can prove it. The Shooting Star Saloon in Huntsville, Utah is perhaps both. We didn’t see their proof but we will take their word for it.

The building, which houses the Shooting Star saloon, was erected in the 1850s in Huntsville as a mercantile to serve the fledgling community. It became a saloon in 1879, and has been there ever since. This saloon even survived 14 years of Prohibition and remained open. “Back then word traveled faster than people. They knew when the authorities were coming, so they shut down before they arrived.” says current manager Julie Christensen. Times were tough back then so the husband and wife chose to operate rather than face the harsh economic realities. Occasionally, the husband would be thrown in jail while the wife would continue to operate the saloon.

There have been seven owners of the Shooting Star Saloon in the past 135 years. Leslie Sutter is the current owner. Leslie had to prove to the owners she was legit enough to buy the famous saloon by working there for two years. The Shooting Star requires a good steward of the precious historic relics kept inside.

The Shooting Star Saloon, Huntsville Utah. Copyright 2011 Rudy van BreeMounted on the wall of the Shooting Star is Buck. He was the largest measured St.Bernard in Guinness Book of World Records. He held this record for seven years. Buck weighed 298 pounds and stood 41 inches tall. He died in 1957, and has been mounted watching over the saloon ever since.

Buck is required to keep watch because there are hundreds of one-dollar bills and currencies from countries all over the world pasted and taped onto the ceiling of the saloon. One patron endured severe neck pain when he counted and estimated the value at $14,000. The names of visitors from all over the world are written on the bills. If they keep up the good work with this practice, our national debt crisis could be solved by generously removing the oversupply of currency from circulation. But with $14 trillion and counting, there would need to be 71 million bars like the Shooting Star to eliminate our national debt. Still, the Shooting Star does their part in providing recession or inflation-proof prices.

The Shooting Star Saloon, Huntsville Utah. Copyright 2011 Rudy van Bree

The saloon offers $3 beers and $5 Star burgers. They have been featured many times in magazines and travel shows, and they are a favorite destination biker groups enjoying the views around Huntsville, Pineview Reservoir and Eden. It’s well worth the visit.


Shooting Star Saloon

7350 E 200 S

Huntsville, UT

m-s 12 pm-9 pm/Sun 2 pm-8 pm

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