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Can You See The Solar Eclipse in Utah? Utah Stories Top 5 4/8/24

Today on Utah Stories Top 5, we discuss the solar eclipse which can be seen in 50% totality according to the Deseret News.


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  1. Can you see the solar eclipse in Utah? 

Utahns can see the solar eclipse, according to the Deseret News. According to NASA’s eclipse map, Salt Lake City will experience the eclipse at nearly 50% totality. The Deseret News article says the eclipse begins at 11:25 a.m. and ends around 1:40 p.m. If you will view the eclipse, avoid looking directly at the sun and use the special solar eclipse glasses that NASA recommends. 

2. Working Cats Program Helps with Pest Control in Utah 

Best Friends Animal Society’s barn cat program aims to address the plight of feral cats, offering them a chance at survival and purpose. Cats unable to return to their colonies find new homes, such as barn cats, which help control pests in farms and backyards. With the ultimate goal of achieving no-kill status in shelters, Best Friends educates communities and promotes responsible cat management. Through partnerships and adoption initiatives, they strive to ensure every cat has a chance at a better life, emphasizing the importance of neutering to control populations and improve welfare. 

3. Cherry Blossoms at the Capitol 

This weekend and into this week, make sure to stop by the Capitol to get your fix of cherry blossoms, as Utah is getting the first taste of spring. On Saturday and Sunday this weekend, the Capitol was crowded with tourists taking pictures of the pink trees. 

4. April 2024 Events in Salt Lake City 

Many events are coming up in April, including seed libraries in all the county libraries; go to the library to pick up your seeds, vegetables, herbs, fruit, and flowers are available. The Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point The annual festival returns to the Ashton Gardens, 3900 N Garden Drive, Lehi, on April 10. It features over 750,000 spring flowers, including tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, poppies, and more, and it is spread over 50 acres. Go to utahstories.com to read more about April’s events.

5. SLC Girlies Walk Club

It is coming up this weekend on Sunday, April 14, at 9:30 a.m. SLC Girlies Walk Club is hosting another walk at the Sugar House Pavillion. It is the perfect thing to do if you are a gal searching for friends in Utah.

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