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Crafting Community: Ogden’s Flourishing Beer Scene

Since the time the railroad came to Ogden in the latter part of the 19th century, the city has had a reputation for being notorious and a bit rambunctious. As a result, brewers, distillers, and those offering a good time in Ogden have generally flourished.


While the “notorious” reputation of Ogden has remained throughout the years, the way the city expresses it has changed. Now, local breweries and brewpubs are scattered through the community. Festivals and events take over Historic 25th Street throughout the year, especially during the warmer months. In a community built on serving hard workers and equally hard adventurers, breweries play a crucial role in bringing people together in Ogden. Here are some spots serving up strong events in the area:

Roosters Brewing Co. is a popular venue in Ogden.

Roosters Brewing Co: Tunes Meets Brews

Roosters Brewing Co. has been a staple in contributing to Ogden’s local scene, especially with its lineup of music events and beer pairings. 

The brewery’s B Street location is renowned for hosting an array of events that cater to Ogden’s taste, including performances by local musicians, themed seasonal parties (recently Mardi Gras) and unique events like Beer & Cheese Pairing nights and Trivia and Bingo. 

The selection of brews available at Slackwater Pub and Pizzeria.

Slackwater Pub & Pizzeria: Where Beer Meets the Riverside

Slackwater Pub & Pizzeria consistently hosts a variety of live music events throughout the month. These events, coupled with Slackwater’s artisan pizza and broad beer selection, create a vibrant atmosphere perfect for families or a date night. Live music and a wide selection of beers are reason enough to check it out. 

UTOG Brewing Company: Community and Craft

UTOG Brewing Company has a back patio that overlooks the stunning Ogden Raptors Stadium, making any summer game night a great night to grab a pint. From Valentine’s Dinners to New Year’s Day Brunches, UTOG curates experiences that celebrate both the craft beer culture and the connections among Ogdenites. They also participate in larger community events, such as the Ogden Nature Center’s Birds, Brews & A Band, and local tap takeovers.

Ogden Beer Company

Ogden Beer Company often hosts performances by local musicians, offering tasty bites and tasty brews. Their new  “1851” beer is designed to honor Ogden’s rich history, cultural, and social scene. 

Talisman Brewing Company: Craftsmanship and Community

Talisman Brewing Company hosts seasonal events like the annual release of their “Witches Brew.” The release event celebrates the historical connection between women, beer making and brewing. 

Talisman also hosts food truck gatherings and beer yoga sessions every Saturday, a unique way to greet the weekend with a beer in one hand and a yoga mat in the other. 

Celebrate Ogden’s Spirit

For more detailed information on specific events offered at Ogden breweries, visit their respective social media handles or websites. Ogden’s blend of history, culture, and community makes the local brewing scene a vital part of the city’s fabric; a special place to raise a glass with family, friends, and soon-to-be friends. 

Keep an eye out for festivals and events in the area in the spring and summer months, and experience Ogden in person.

Feature Image: Raising a glass at UTOG Brewing Company in Ogden.

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