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Park City’s Next-Gen Breweries

From prohibition to craft beers, Park City has seen it all. Prohibition shuttered Park City’s many saloons and it wasn’t until 1987 that Wasatch Brewery opened on Main Street. Now there is a new generation of breweries.


On the evening of July 31, 1917, patrons of the more than 20 Park City saloons and bars began a mass pub crawl down Main Street. As the residents of “Utah’s Sin City” passed from establishment to establishment, every drop of beer and liquor was consumed. All too soon, however, midnight arrived, and each of the townsfolk waited in dreaded anticipation for the bells to start tolling. 

Ding Dong! Twelve lonely chimes solemnly rang in the beginning of Prohibition in Utah. All Park City saloons, bars and breweries were officially closed, and it would be 16 years before they were allowed to lawfully re-open. Once the Volstead Act was repealed, it would take an additional 53 years before a new brewpub would be established in the post-mining town.

The name of this “infamous” pub was Wasatch Brewery. Opened in 1987 by Greg Schiff, a Milwaukee native, Wasatch soon became a local and visitor favorite. The brewpub not only helped to quelch Parkites’ thirst for a refreshing beer, it also helped to launch the craft beer movement in the Northwest.

Today, dynamic brewmasters create a wide range of masterpieces from classic lagers, to bold IPA’s, to distinctive ales. The fresh energy has spawned a new generation of breweries in Park City.

Park City Brewing offers food pairings with their home-brewed craft beers. Photo courtesy of Park City Brewing.

Park City Brewing

This unbridled enthusiasm can be seen and tasted at Park City Brewing. Originally founded in 2013 as Park City Brewery, the establishment went through rebranding and ownership changes during the COVID-19 pandemic and celebrated its official relaunch in the spring of 2022. 

Located in Kimball Junction, Park City Brewing is intimate and inviting, with a large pet friendly patio. Their on-property, one barrel brewing system allows for the creation of many unique and exciting flavors. According to Jared Hedrick, general manager, “One of our most popular beers is the Hooker Blonde. It’s one of the original recipes from the Park City Brewery days, but with a slight tweak and twist.” 

Another local favorite is the Kickturn Double IPA, which Head Brewer Troy Higgins is particularly proud of. The Kickturn “marries the bitterness of West Coast IPA’s with the juiciness of East Coast Hazy IPA’s.” Higgins knows well the flavor nuances found throughout different United State regions. 

“A few years ago,” he says, “I had the opportunity to bop around the country and explore different breweries. Beers in the Pacific Northwest differ from beers in California and from the Northeast. Each region has a different way of producing their beer.”

Higgins began working with the brewery after its re-launch and has brought his passion and creativity to the local brand. Formerly a licensed nurse, Higgins discovered his love for beer making while creating home brewed concoctions and working for a commercial brewing company. His experience helped facilitate a contract partnership with Uinta Brewing to allow for large scale distribution while still producing small specialty beers in Park City. 

The brewery features all-day specials on craft beers and food items. “We also have different events we host, like bingo and trivia nights. We try to partner with local nonprofits, like Swaner Nature Preserve, and then we donate portions of the proceeds to the nonprofit,” Hedrick said. “We really like to get out into the public and let everyone experience our new flavors and tastes.”

Klosch Beer at Offset Bier. Photo courtesy of Offset Bier.

Offset Bier

Longtime Park City resident Conor Brown became incredibly obsessed with beer after he began homebrewing. Consequently, once Brown had the opportunity to purchase commercial brewing equipment, he jumped at the chance. Brown then partnered with Patrick Bourque, a professional brewer with more than 10 years experience, and together they founded Offset Bier.

The duo opened their doors in fall of 2021, and since that time the brewery has blossomed and grown. “Our goal,” Brown said, “is to create the best beer we can, and to be a location that people search out. We offer a really modern type of beer. How we talk about it, present it, and serve it to the customer is different and unique.” 

As a small brewery, Offset’s tap list is constantly changing. They create both modern hoppy beers, as well as traditional lager styles. Their house beer — DOPO — is a light IPA at 5% alcohol by content. However, the beer is brewed with extra hops to make it seem closer to a 7% beer. As Brown explained, “We like to make our beers punch above their weight.” 

Additionally, Brown and Bourque are all about engaging with the community. They offer numerous activities that support the local region and Park City. 

One such event is the Uphill Ski Club which takes place every Thursday night through mid-April. As Brown explained, “We meet at the bottom of Park City Mountain Resort at 6:00 pm. We then skin up the designated route, which takes about an hour, and then ski back down. From there, everyone heads back to the brewery for beer, food and a raffle. It’s a great community activity that promotes what we are all about — exercise and healthy living.”

With its combination of small batch beer flavors and its local engagement, Offset Bier is the perfect neighborhood pub. Visit them in Prospector Square and try out a sample from their latest tap list.

Feature Image: Courtesy of Park City Brewing.


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