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A Utah Cat Was Shipped Far Away From Home Utah Stories Top 5 4/29/24

On today’s top 5, we discuss a Utah cat being shipped away in a Amazon return box, according to The Independent.


  1. A Utah Cat Was Shipped Far Away From Home 

A cat was accidentally shipped almost 600 miles away in an Amazon return box from Utah to California, according to The Independent. Galena, the kitty survived almost a week without food or water in the Amazon warehouse. An Amazon worker eventually rescued the cat, and took the cat to the vet where its microchip led it back to its owners. 

  1. Ogden River Is Nearing Flood Stage 

According to KUTV, officials have said the Ogden River may reach the near flood stage, especially with the rain that occurred on Saturday. Residents are taking precautions to ensure they will not be too affected by the possible flooding. 

  1. Off-Roading in Moab is Still Wide-Open for Business 

During Easter weekend, Moab, Utah becomes a Mecca for Jeep and off-road enthusiasts worldwide, drawn to its renowned trails forged during the uranium mining boom of the 1940s and 1950s. However, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) closed 317 miles of OHV trails, sparking a clash between environmental preservation and motorized recreation. State leaders and off-road groups have appealed the decision, with Utah even passing legislation allowing the disregard of road closures without due process. Locals like Jason Taylor and Brian Martinez, who run off-road touring companies, express concern over the closures’ impact on tourism and business, highlighting the need for balanced management and education over outright trail closures.

  1. A Utah High School Charges Its Students a Fee for Skipping Classes

Olympus High School has implemented hall monitors to deter students from skipping class, with teachers currently taking on the role. However, discussions are underway about hiring dedicated monitors. Some students criticize the policy, arguing it unfairly burdens underprivileged families and adds stress for those already attending classes. Despite the fines, some students still skip class, leading to skepticism from both students and teachers about the effectiveness of the policy.

  1. $60 Million From 90’s Tobacco Era Settlement Headed to Utah 

Utah News Dispatch published this story by Kyle Dunphey. Here is a short summary of the story, Utah is slated to receive an additional $57 million from big tobacco settlements, boosting public health initiatives. Attorney General Sean Reyes highlighted the significance of the payments, stemming from the 1998 Master Settlement Agreement, which former Attorney General Jan Graham played a pivotal role in negotiating. These funds, contingent on diligent enforcement of tobacco laws, are crucial for supporting programs aimed at reducing smoking rates, especially among youth. Utah’s efforts in ensuring compliance have secured steady funds for vital healthcare services and prevention programs, underscoring the ongoing impact of the historic settlement. 

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