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Real Estate Prices Are Finally Falling in Salt Lake City Utah Stories Top 5 3/28/24

On today’s top 5, real estate prices are falling in Salt Lake City, with a 5% decline in March using data from Redfin.


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  1. What Does Night Skiing in Utah Entail? 

Night skiing in Utah offers a unique and more affordable experience compared to daytime skiing, with fewer crowds and reduced lift ticket prices. It provides a safer environment for beginners and allows for more runs with less waiting time for lifts. The serene beauty of snow-covered landscapes under the night sky adds to the experience. Several resorts in Utah offer night skiing, each with its own schedule and terrain. Planning ahead and dressing appropriately for the cold are essential, along with considering safety measures such as wearing helmets with lights and using goggles with clear or lightly tinted lenses. Familiarizing oneself with the terrain and skiing within one’s ability level is crucial for a smooth and enjoyable experience. 

  1. Where Is Utah’s Newest Trader Joe’s?

According to the Salt Lake Tribune Utah’s newest Trader Joes is coming to the Sugar House area. It is going to open sometime this year on 2160 S 700 East. Which is interesting considering the construction going on at 2100 S. Trader Joe’s has four locations in Utah, and has been getting more popular since Tik Tok creators have been popularizing it, with trends including chicken soup dumplings, skincare, and more. What do you think about Trader Joes moving into this Sugar House location? 

  1. Will Salt Lake City Anti-Zionist Bar Lose its Liquor License? 

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, a rabbi and a law professor weigh in on the Utah bar’s no Zionist policy. Clifford Rosky, a law professor at the University of Utah spoke with the Tribune about the legality of a “no Zionist” policy. Rosky said Valentine may be violating public accommodation laws. They say that “if you have a business that’s open to the public,” the law professor explained, “you can’t discriminate against customers based on their race or religion.” The issue may come down to how the ban could be enforced. The issue as well is how do you distinguish a “Zionist” or a “Non Zionist”? 

  1. Southern Utah’s Proposed Water Strategy Highly Flawed According to Critics

The Colorado River, which serves 40 million people and has experienced a 20% decrease in flows since the early 2000s, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. The largest reservoirs, Lake Mead and Lake Powell, are only about a third full, sparking debates among water negotiators on how to manage the shrinking river and reservoirs. Brian Richter, president of Sustainable Waters, spoke with The Tribune, and has conducted a groundbreaking study on the Colorado River’s water usage, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive understanding from its source in Colorado to its delta in Mexico. His study includes previously unaccounted-for water sources like the Gila River, revealing that 19% of the river’s water is used by the natural environment. 

  1. Real Estate Prices Are Finally Falling in Salt Lake City

Housing prices are falling in several places around Salt Lake City. Several houses around Salt Lake have seen a 5% or more decline in March using the data from Redfin. This comes on the heels of the $418 million settlement from the National Association of Realtors this month. This settlement makes it easier on homeowners to negotiate fees with their realtor.  The claims against more than 1 million members, state and local realtor associations, and most smaller brokerages, meaning potential for a major shift in how buyers and sellers pay their agents.

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