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Heirloom Flavors and End of Life Tour

Heirloom flavors served at Caffe Molise. Moab Brewery night at Beehive Distilling Bar. Two Old Guys perform live at Donkey Tails Cantina.


Heirloom Flavors at Caffe Molise

A lot of eateries tout “farm to table” menu items. But at Caffe Molise, the owners are serious about it and don’t mind getting their own hands dirty. 

Fred Moesinger and Aimee Sterling, the husband and wife owners behind Caffe Molise and BTW Wine Bar, serve up heirloom, organic produce at both businesses that come directly from their farm to your table. They personally grow an amazing array of organic heirloom produce that they load up to serve in fresh-tasting dishes ranging from classic dishes like pomodori e mozzarella and their delicious spinaci salad, to spaghettini pomodori and bruschetta misto. I recommend reserving a table to enjoy these fresh, wholesome flavors before the growing season comes to an end.

Moab Brewery @ Beehive Distilling

Beehive Distilling features frequent guest breweries on Featured Brewery Nights at the Beehive Distilling Bar. The next such “takeover” will happen on Thursday, September 16th, from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. and will feature Moab Brewery

Come out to the Beehive Distilling Bar and hang with some of the Moab brewery folks while you try some of their delicious brews. Members of the Moab Brewery team will be on hand to answer questions and to chat about their products. This is a 21 and over event.

Two Old Guys Live at Donkey Tails

On Saturday, September 11th at 9 p.m., Two Old Guys will continue their “End of Life Tour” with a live (hopefully) performance at Guadalahonky’s Donkey Tails Cantina Social Club in Draper. 

The “Two Old Guys” are musicians Tally Evans and “DeliMan” Michael Feldman, proprietor of Feldman’s Deli. When the Two Old Guys perform, you’ll be served up an abundance of belly laughs along with bawdy tunes, whimsical songs, blues & ballads. 

Guadalahonky’s and Donkey Tails serve up tasty Margaritas along with killer chile verde burritos, fish tacos, chile rellenos, fajitas, enchiladas, chile Colorado, and much more. You must be 21 or over to attend the show. 



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