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Goldener Hirsch Inn in Park City has a very European vibe and décor, and has garnered a slew of awards from publications such as Zagat, and many others. 


Part 1: Friday Afternoon Club

Named after the renowned Hotel Goldener Hirsch in Salzburg, Austria, Deer Valley Resort’s Goldener Hirsch Inn opened in 1992, owned and operated by the philanthropic Eccles family in partnership with Deer Valley Resort. The Inn has a very European vibe and decor, and has garnered a slew of awards from publications such as Condé Nast Traveler, Zagat, and many others. 

Last year, the quaint, 20-room Goldener Hirsch Inn underwent an expansion, adding 40 new contemporary luxury residences, which opened in December. Simply put, the new addition to the Goldener Hirsch is nothing short of stunning, complete with a rooftop patio and pool, library lounge, ski-prep room and lockers, spa and fitness center, apres ski lounge, game room, ballroom, conference center, konditorei, and underground parking garage. 

The new, contemporary addition to the Goldener Hirsch both contrasts and complements the Old World ambiance and look of the original Inn. Think of it as the best of both worlds. A covered, glass-walled bridge connects the Old World Hirsch with the New. 

Friday Afternoon Club Plaza

In addition to all of the other amenities, the Goldener Hirsch Inn also is home to one of the best restaurants in the state. I will focus on that restaurant in Part II of this series, in next week’s Utah Bites. This week, I’m introducing readers to a new fun and entertaining weekly event held at the Goldener Hirsch. 

On Fridays, that glass walled bridge I mentioned serves as a pathway for guests to access the Goldener Hirsch’s new Friday Afternoon Club on the outdoor plaza. Each Friday, continuing through September 3rd, the Goldener Hirsch and Deer Valley Resort invite the public to come up and enjoy the fresh mountain air and celebrate Fridays with their weekly Friday Afternoon Club. 

John Flanders Trio

The Goldener Hirsch and Traeger Grills have partnered to create a weekly series of culinary experiences which are also paired with (optional) Alpine Distillery libations. The F.A.C. events feature live music from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. with local artists such as John Flanders and the Nick Petty Duo. 

My wife and I dropped into the Friday Afternoon Club last week after being blown away by a tour of the new Goldener Hirsch residences, which are eye-popping, to say the least. With price tags starting at $3,950,000.00 we certainly won’t be hosting any parties at our new opulent home in the residences, but we can afford to enjoy the Friday Afternoon Club, which is open to all. 

Chillin’ at the F.A.C. Grill

There are a few options when it comes to how you “do” the Friday Afternoon Club. Each F.A.C. features an optional full meal which changes from week to week. One week it may feature brats and all of the fixings; on another perhaps Carolina-style pulled pork will be on the menu. Guests pay a fixed price for a “plate” which includes a Traeger Grill-cooked entree, plus an array of side dishes. 

Memphis BBQ Plate

When we visited the F.A.C. Memphis-style barbecued ribs were on the menu along with creamy blue cheese grits, Appalachian coleslaw, grilled summer veggies, gem lettuces and heirloom tomatoes, garden succotash, and more.

Alpine Distilling Tennessee Lemonade

In addition to superb fare supplied by the Goldener Hirsch culinary team, another highlight of F.A.C. is a weekly featured cocktail presented in partnership with Park City’s Alpine Distilling. Last week, Alpine’s talented Megan Flore was whipping up delicious Tennessee Lemonade cocktails, made with Alpine’s IPA Cask Finished Bourbon, Alpine Preserve Liqueur and lemon juice. Tickets for cocktails and for the supper plates can be purchased at the new Goldener Hirsch Cafe which is adjacent to the plaza where F.A.C. is held. 

Goldener Hirsch Cafe

In addition to the Friday Afternoon Club prix fixe plates and Alpine Distilling cocktails, guests can, if they prefer, enjoy beer, wine, and culinary treats from the Goldener Hirsch Cafe. The Cafe offers soups, salads and sandwiches, as well as Bavarian pretzels, charcuterie and cheese, a Thai veggie wrap, gem lettuce salad, house chips & smoked onion dip, spiced nuts, focaccia flatbreads, a Tuscan prosciutto sandwich, wines by the glass, beer, cocktails and more. 

Goldener Hirsch Cafe Pastries & Cookies

During the breakfast hours, the Goldener Hirsch Cafe offers freshly baked pastries and quiche, a Mountain Breakfast, Miner’s Burrito, coconut chia pudding, a bacon, egg & cheddar English muffin, not to mention fresh brewed coffee and teas, lattes, cappuccino, hot chocolate and cocoa. 

Normal Ice Cream Choco Taco

For dessert, the Cafe tempts F.A.C. (or any other time) guests with ice cream sandwiches featuring Utah’s own Normal Ice Cream, although there is nothing “normal” about this gourmet ice cream. Normal ice cream sandwiches available at the Goldener Hirsch Cafe include the Choco Taco (house-made waffle cone taco with horchata ice cream, dark chocolate dip & chocolate pearls; a gluten-free and vegan Trashberry Bar with Many-Berry sorbet, dark chocolate dip, and cocoa pebbles; and the It Snaps Sando: gingersnap cookie with cream cheese ice cream, plus others. 

So, that’s the lowdown on the very fun end-of-week getaway that is the Goldener Hirsch Friday Afternoon Club at Deer Valley Resort. But that is not all that the Goldener Hirsch Inn has to offer. Next week, I’ll have Part II – a visit to the Goldener Hirsch Restaurant to check out their dinner menu. Stay tuned.   

Photos by Ted Scheffler & Courtesy of Deer Valley Resort 

Culinary quote of the week:

“Barbecue may not be the road to world peace, but it’s a start.” — Anthony Bourdain 



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