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Young Living Oils Doing a Great Job of Suppressing Facts

The Video Everyone Considering Using Young Living Oils Should Watch.


The lavender fields at Young Living Essential Oils in Mona, Utah.

Young Living Oils has found an excellent partner in their attempts to suppress facts about their owner and founder Gary D. Young, that partner is YouTube.

Despite attempts by Sultan Yusuf who made a simple video explaining how Gary D. Young had completely lied about their interaction and visit in a Somalian story, Young’s team of attorneys threatened YouTube with a lawsuit which would have been worded as something to the effect of facilitation of slander, whereby YouTube promptly acted by removing the video. It was later put up and taken down several times. If there is a video above, then it’s still up.

Mr. Young recounted in his newsletter regarding his trip to Somalia that the Sultan was some kind of warlord who pointed his weapons at Mr. Young. Young then portrayed himself as some kind of hero or like (the main character in Romancing of the Stone, played by Michael Douglas) who was able to convince a warlord of his good intentions and sway him over to lending Mr. Young his 4×4 truck where he showed him exactly where the Frankincense trees he was seeking were located.

It wasn’t that way. Young had promised Sultin Usef money for hospitals and schools and fresh drinking water in his small village, all promises that Young reneged. Sultan Usef’s demonstration of free speech, via YouTube was in response to Young’s completely fabricated newsletter, in defence of his character and Young’s lies about what he was offering, so that he could have access to the very rare Frankincense trees.

YouTube also removed a leaked video testimony offered by Robert Papas, the leading essential oil chemical scientist, in which Dr. Papas said that Young Living was completely guilty of adulterating their oils for the entire time that Dr. Papas was working for Young. Dr. Papas indicated that Young Living was knowingly using chemical substitutes, far cheaper than the authentic essential oils, knowingly selling them fraudulently as “pure essential oils”.

This testimony was leaked to Utah Stories a few month after doTerra and Young Living were engaged in a lawsuit suing each other over claims each had made which were not factual. Both parties dropped the lawsuit when it as clear that both companies had been guilty of adulterating their oils to some extent. Dr. Papas made it clear that doTerra had never knowingly adulterated, while Young Living was knowingly making false claims and using synthetic cheaper alternatives in their oils for years.

The sad part about all of this is one would assume that the internet could be used as the ultimate arena of free speech and that the largest players (such as YouTube) would be an effective means of helping to facilitate this free speech.


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