Young Living Oils: Successfully Suppressing Facts

Gary D. Young’s team financed by billions in sales from Young Living Oils is successfully suppressing Google, YouTube and the main-stream media from offering the truth.


Young Living Essential Oils' lavender fields

Gary D. Young’s team, financed by billions in sales from Young Living Oils, is successfully suppressing Google, YouTube, and the main-stream media from offering the truth.
Young Living Oils lavender farm in Mona, Utah (from Young Living's product blog)
Young Living Oils lavender farm in Mona, Utah.


Utah Stories articles on Young Living Oils have generated over 40,000 likes on Facebook, and have generated over 600 comments. Thanks to all the readers who have supported our coverage. However, its disconcerting that Young Living is successfully suppressing our factual articles by flooding Google’s algorithms with reputation management attempts to put our very popular stories at the bottom of search results. Just a bit of background:

Young Living Oils (YELO) is one of the world’s leading essential oil companies. Young Living operates a lavender and herb farm in Mona, Utah, open free to the public to enjoy. Every year Young Living reps come from all over the world to attend a massive convention held in downtown Salt Lake City. The next Young Living event is called “Fulfill Your Destiny.” Without a doubt, Young Living is a boon to Utah’s economy and a huge player in the natural supplements and multi-level marketing arena.

There are four problems everyone should know concerning Young Living:

  1. The ways in which they manufacture and source their oils
  2. The claims that their independent sales consultants make in selling the oils
  3. The past lies Gary D. Young has told concerning his personal history
  4. The problems Young Living is facing with the FDA

As of today, Utah Stories is the only media source, besides the Salt Lake Tribune, that has written about Young Living Oils and their claims. Young Living doesn’t want you to gain this insight because these truths hurt.

Utah Stories wishes to provide these stories for three reasons:

  1. Utah Stories is one of the few remaining truly independent sources of journalism in Utah.
  2. Utah Stories believes consumers need to be king when it comes to information (not legal teams or special interests).
  3. Utah Stories believes alternative medicine to be an excellent counter to big-pharma but consumers need help in making the best choices and navigating fact from fiction.
essential oils marketing is now being targeted to children
Young Living now is marketing a line of products directed to children (NingXia Red 2 oz Singles). The products contain essential oils, with the disclaimer that they aren’t monitored or evaluated by the FDA and Young Living makes no claims that they will suppress illness or cure disease. But what do users say? From “MY whole family takes it for allergies, colds, and tiredness” –J Gordon. Ingesting essential oils leads to dozens of cases a year of users ending up in emergency rooms. (read the most recent AIAI report)

It’s clear we cannot rely on the government, mainstream media, or big corporate entities to provide this important information and the complete truth about the claims, health benefits and side effects of using alternative health products. We provide these stories at our peril. Young Living has threatened us with legal action, but luckily it’s hard to litigate or bully media when our claims are factual.

In providing these articles, we are asking readers for a donation of $1 to read our four stories that go in-depth into the practices and the facts about Gary D. Young and the misleading claims of their representatives. With your dollar we will continue to provide this important journalism that helps consumers and natural-remedy practitioners become better informed in considering the best practices of alternative health remedies.

Thank you all for your support. We hope that once you read you will offer your own personal insights and opinions. Long live free speech! Long live alternative medicine!


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