Report Used in Young Living Farms Case Against DoTERRA Suspect

Was the evidence that Young Living filed in a court case against doTERRA in 2013 fraudulent?


According to Dr. Robert Pappas (Founder of Essential Oil University) the report that Young Living Farms included in their case against doTERRA in 2013 does not appear to be conducted on oils that doTERRA sells. Dr. Pappas comes to this conclusion because the chemicals compounds listed in their findings appear nothing like the peppermint oil on which Dr. Pappas has conducted many tests.

Dr. Robert Pappas, image from story written by Indiana University in 2012.

Dr. Pappas  has his PhD in chemistry and has done consulting work in essential oils for nearly two decades. He said that the conclusions of the findings of their lavender oil and peppermint oils which are shown in the case filings nowhere indicate that the oils tested are in fact doTERRA oils. The chemical analysis was conducted by the Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique’s whose headquarters are located in Paris, France. Their conclusions were the following:

“For each sample, the composition is not in agreement with norm ISO/FDIS 856. Abnormal presence of ethyl vanillin (molecule of synthetic origin). Found on page 35 of their report. The samples they tested are listed as the following:

Peppermint 1118702
Peppermint 1225402
Peppermint 130311A”

Utah Stories will attempt in the coming days to contact both Young Living Farms and the CNRS for their comments on the findings found in the report.

This is a follow up story to the story written entitled, “Damning Evidence the Young Living and doTERRA’s Oils are Adulterated.”

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