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Why Is Millcreek Canyon Being Sprayed with Roundup this Spring? Utah Stories Top 5 5/15/24

On today’s episode of top 5, we talk about the use of Roundup on Myrtle spurge, the invasive species this spring in Utah.


  1. Millcreek Canyon Sprayed with Roundup this Spring

Residents in Millcreek Canyon witness the use of herbicides, including glyphosate, to combat plant growth, raising concerns about ecological harm. Despite evidence linking glyphosate to health risks and its indiscriminate destruction of vegetation, Utah DNR chose to employ it via drone spraying. Lack of public input and questionable agency consultations highlight the need for transparency and safer alternatives. Promoting the growth of native grasses and adopting pro-ecology tactics could offer a more sustainable solution to managing invasive species without resorting to harmful chemicals.

  1. GameStop Stocks Are Soaring Today 

According to ABC News, the Gamestop stock juicers are at it again, with Gamestop’s stock reaching new heights, over 50% in the recent days. This comes in the aftermath of the 2021 stock price exponential increase of Gamestop from online gamers and meme artists.

In 2021, an online personality known as Roaring Kitty, launched an initiative to pump up Gamestop’s stock in order to sabotage the rich stock market gamblers hoping to short the stock.

  1. How Does Biden Banning Russian Uranium Impact Utah? 

President Biden’s signing of legislation banning Russian uranium imports and allocating $2.7 billion to enhance domestic uranium processing has been hailed by the mining industry as a pivotal step towards energy independence and security, according to Deseret News. The move aims to reduce reliance on foreign uranium sources, particularly Russia, which controls a significant portion of global uranium enrichment capacity. This initiative is seen as vital for revitalizing the domestic uranium sector, which has faced challenges such as low prices and foreign market dominance. Additionally, the legislation underscores the importance of bolstering critical mineral supply chains, including rare earth elements, to support clean energy technologies and national security interests. 

  1. Culinary Masterpieces from Salt Lake City’s Finest Bakeries

Several esteemed bakeries in Salt Lake City, including Delice French Bakery, Fillings and Emulsions, Mrs. Backer’s Pastry Shop, RubySnap Cookies, and City Cakes, are more than just places to satisfy your sweet tooth; they are hubs of culinary artistry. Delice offers classic French pastries, while Fillings and Emulsions infuses Latin flavors with innovative designs. Mrs. Backer’s Pastry Shop delights with nostalgic floral cakes, while RubySnap Cookies adds whimsy with unique flavor combinations inspired by influential women. City Cakes excels in crafting visually stunning vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free cakes without compromising taste or aesthetics. These bakeries are not just purveyors of delicious treats; they are creators of edible masterpieces, where each bite is a journey of flavor and creativity. 

  1. A Christian Church Morphs into a Small Businesses Space in Salt Lake City

Church and State, originally a church building, now houses a diverse array of thriving businesses, embodying the concept of a “third space” for the community. This communal area fosters interactions among visitors, featuring shops like a coffee house, tattoo parlor, and crystal shop. The venue supports entrepreneurs by hosting various events such as weddings, corporate parties, and performances, contributing to the vibrancy of the city. With a mix of businesses and community events, Church and State serves as a welcoming and dynamic hub in downtown Salt Lake City, promoting engagement and collaboration among its visitors.

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