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Transgender Bathroom Laws Are Creating Confusion In Utah Schools Utah Stories Top 5 5/3/24

On today’s top 5, we discuss an article published by The Hills about how the new transgender bathroom laws are greatly affecting schools.


  1. Are Gen Zer’s Over College and Turning To Trade School? 

According to The Deseret News, Gen Z is choosing trade school over the traditional university experience. “Gen Z appears to be weighing the higher cost of college and the guaranteed return on investment in the trades and thousands of young people are skipping college, well aware they are following a generation deep in student loan debt,” per NewsNation. Go to Deseret News website to read more and read about Gen Zer’s who chose trades over college. 

  1. Resort In Utah Is The First To Receive Certification From DarkSky International 

This article was written by Colleen Creamer and published by New York Times, detailing her experience at Under Canvas Lake Powell-Grand Staircase, this is a short summary, to read the full article go to the New York Times website. Upon arriving at Harry Reid International Airport, eager to escape winter’s gloom, I embarked on a journey to Under Canvas Lake Powell-Grand Staircase in Utah for a stargazing experience. Nestled in a canyon rim plateau, the resort boasts certification by DarkSky International, emphasizing its commitment to preserving the night sky. Despite concerns about weather, the allure of pristine landscapes and activities like hiking and horseback riding drew early-season travelers seeking celestial views. Against initial doubts, the night revealed a breathtaking display of stars, fulfilling the promise of an unforgettable stargazing adventure. 

  1. Transgender Bathroom Laws Are Creating Confusion In Utah Schools 

According to an article on The Hill’s website, the new transgender bathroom laws are creating confusion in Utah schools. The article describes many different children, and teacher’s experiences with this law. As well as detailing that 10,000 dollars fines could be applied if the law is not correctly being enforced. To read this article go to The Hill’s website. 

  1. The Battle Against Kane Creek Development Is Ongoing For Moab Locals 

According to The Deseret News, The Kane Creek Development which involves 580 residential commercial units is sparking controversy among Moab locals. This article details many different residents’ perspectives, and why Kane Creek Development would like to build those 580 units, as well as the progress they have made. Go to their website to read more. 

  1. Cinco De Mayo at Fácil

Facil is one of the best taquerias in Salt Lake City.  It is the perfect place to celebrate Cinco de Mayo which is this upcoming Sunday. You can enjoy their variety of tacos, and delicious Tequila based cocktails. 

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