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Utah’s Largest River Is On The Top Of The Most Endangered List Utah Stories Top 5 4/19/24

In today’s top 5, we discuss the Colorado River being the most at risk river in the U.S. according to USA Today.


  1. Utah’s Largest River Is On The Top Of The Most Endangered List 

According to USA Today, many American rivers are at risk due to climate change and development projects. American Rivers, an advocacy group based in Washington D.C. named Colorado River the most at risk river in the U.S. In 2021 the first water shortage was declared for the Colorado River, which has caused litigation and millions of dollars. Comment down below what you think about this issue. 

  1. Will Moab Housing Be More Affordable? 

Utah Stories has reported extensively on the housing crisis in Moab. According to KSL, some new housing projects that are in the works might be aiding in mitigating this crisis. The 24-unit Confluence Cottages will be available for rent, while the 32-unit Skyline Arch will include housing set aside for “victims of domestic violence, persons experiencing homelessness, and persons with disabilities,” according to a news release from Utah Housing Corporation. There is also Arroyo Housing, a mix of townhomes, single-family homes, cottages, and apartments. 

  1. Brock Purdy and Anna Frey Were In A Commercial Together? 

Brock Burdy and Utah look alike Anna Frey were in a John Deere commercial together, according to the Deseret News. As discussed before in the top 5, Anna Frey was sent to the Superbowl for her resemblance to Brock Purdy, and her stardom continues as she is featured in a commercial alongside him. 

  1. BYU Has A New Basketball Coach

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, BYU is hiring a new coach, Kevin Young. The Tribune article goes into detail about how BYU’s Basketball team is changing it’s tactics, go to their website to read the full article. 

  1. Who Is Getting Rich From Failed Homeless Housing in Utah? 

Utah Stories has been covering the homeless for the past couple of years. And Richard Markosian, our publisher, wrote this article for our latest issue about the homeless and housing crisis going on in Utah. Go to utahstories.com to read the full article on all the major players in the homeless and housing crisis. 

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