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How Did Utah Congressional Members Vote For Ukraine? Utah Stories Top 5 4/24/24

On today’s episode, we discussed how Utah congressional members voted for the new bill giving aid to Ukraine.


  1. Banksy Found in Park City

Banksy, renowned for his subversive art, made his mark globally from the West Bank to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. During Sundance in 2010, Park City welcomed his satirical pieces, with three enduring works still visible on Main Street. Camera Man and Flower, protected behind glass, captures a poignant moment, while Praying Boy, once defaced, now stands restored with a guardian frame. Additionally, the town boasts a vibrant local art scene, from Loosey the Moosey to the Pantheon of Muses, inviting visitors on a self-guided tour through Park City’s cultural treasures, culminating in the timeless allure of Park City Scape. 

  1. Is Utah One of the Best States To Work From Home? 

Utah ranks one of the best states to work from home according to ABC4. One of the reasons is Utah has the second-lowest electricity costs in the nation. According to the article, the roughly 14% of Utahns who work from home aren’t likely to feel cooped up. According to WalletHub, this is because Utah has the largest homes in the nation, averaging about 2,800 square feet. 

  1. Yoga With Sharks 

On Monday evenings you can do yoga with sharks at Loveland Living Planet Aquarium. Take an hour long yoga class with a backdrop of sharks, fish, and sea turtles. There is also a kids session of shark yoga previous to the adult session. 

  1. Dynamite Explodes in House in Holladay, Utah 

Residents in Cottonwood Heights and in Holladay, Utah might have been startled and awakened around 4 a.m. this morning to a large boom. According to USA Today, explosives were found in a home near 6200 South and 2300 East. Hazmat crews detonated the explosives, after the residents were evacuated. 

  1. How Did Utah Congressional Members Vote For Ukraine? 

According to Utah News Dispatch, aid might be on its way to Ukraine after approval by the U.S. House, which will be $95 billion in emergency assistance. Utah Republicans who were not interested in passing the bill to support Ukraine, Celeste Maloy and Burgess Owens, opposed that bill, while Reps. John Curtis and Blake Moore voted in favor. Utah Senators Mitt Romney and Mike Lee opposed each other on the funding bill: Lee was against it, and Romney was in favor. The final bill did not include funding for U.S. border improvements; this decision has some Republican members of Congress calling for newly-appointed House Speaker Mike Johnson to vacate or step down from his position.

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