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Farm Wine Dinner at Tupelo, Easter Brunch at Franck’s, La Colombe Coffee Lounge

Park City’s Tupelo is hosting a Antiquum Farm Wine Dinner. Franck’s, in Holladay, is offering an Easter Brunch. The Taste of Luxury Dining Series continues at Deer Valley Resort with La Colombe Coffee Lounge.


“Fruit Day” Antiquum Farm Wine Dinner at Tupelo

I have written previously about the phenomenal Oregon wines from Antiquum Farm, which practices grazing-based viticulture, the central tenet of which “is to grow wines that clearly communicate the wild and honest soul of this place and the principles of its people. Antiquum Farm is managed without fertilizers, compost, or foliar feeds in order to truly isolate our site, conserve resources, and create wines of individualistic spirit and truthful terroir. We have carefully selected animals that physically fit into the constraints of the vineyard, complement each other, and support an intricate, living, breathing ecosystem. We see our farm as a complex community where the vines are part of a whole, not the whole.”

On Wednesday, April 10, 2024 at 6 pm Park City’s Tupelo restaurant “welcomes wine lovers to raise a glass to ‘Fruit Day’” considered the most optimal day for tasting wine according to the lunar calendar, at the Antiquum Farm Wine Dinner.”

Antiquum Farm Winemaker Stephen Hagen will lead the intimate celebration of exquisite cuisine and natural wine, which features four courses of inventive Tupelo dishes and four wine pairings from Antiquum Farm including: 1st: Daisy Pinot Gris; 2nd: Alium Pinot Gris; 3rd: Luxuria Pinot Noir; 4th: Passiflora Pinot Noir. Tickets – 21 and over – are available on RESY. 

Easter Brunch at Franck’s

I recently published a roundup of Easter restaurant dining options here in Utah Bites, but a tempting Easter 2024 addition came across my desk just this week. Franck’s is offering an Easter Brunch priced at $98/adults; $40 kids 12 & under. 

The “Warm Up” is a Cream Biscuit with sea salt brown butter and apricot jam, followed by the First Course: Chilled Slow Steam Ocean Trout. Course Two is Caramelized Tooele Valley Pork Belly, followed by a Third Course of Maple Braised Short Rib, and Course Four is Banana Beurre Noisette Pancake-Cake. For a Last Bite there is Lychee & Toasted Coconut Rice Crispy. Call 801-274-6264 for reservations. 

La Colombe Coffee Lounge

During the upcoming Taste of Luxury dining series at Deer Valley Resort, April 5-7, the Resort invites everyone to “indulge in the Taste of Luxury La Colombe Coffee Lounge nestled within the cozy confines of the Fireplace Foyer adjacent to the Brass Tag. This complimentary experience offers an exquisite selection of handcrafted coffees, giveaways and specialty drinks meticulously prepared by La Colombe’s skilled baristas from their charming custom-draft tricycle.” 

According to the La Colombe coffee makers, “Our coffees do not contain any added ingredients or flavors. The only ingredients in our roasted coffees are coffee beans.

The tasting notes that you’ll find on your box of La Colombe coffee are what we taste when we brew and drink the coffee. By creating a simile between what we’re tasting in the coffee and familiar flavors we’ve had before (chocolate, apple pie, toasted marshmallow, etc.), it’s easier to communicate the often complex tastes that coffee can take on. 

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