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Alta and Snowbird Skiers Stranded Utah Stories Top 5 3/26/24

On today’s top 5, Alta and Snowbird skiers got stranded yesterday afternoon, access was closed at the canyon mouth.


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  1. Alta and Snowbird Skiers Stranded 

On Monday afternoon, crashes and icy conditions led to the closure of Little Cottonwood Canyon Road, stranding skiers and snowboarders hoping to access Alta Ski Area and Snowbird resort, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. The closure was jointly decided by the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) and the Unified Police Department (UPD). Initially, no estimated reopening time was provided, though a later tweet suggested a tentative time of 2:15 p.m. Access was closed at the canyon mouth for uphill traffic and at Snowbird Entry 1 for downhill traffic, with travel permitted between Snowbird and the Town of Alta. The closure was due to hazardous road conditions and multiple vehicle accidents, including two rollovers and a stuck semi-truck. UDOT implemented traction laws for both Little and Big Cottonwood Canyons but later retracted them, only to reinstate them for Little Cottonwood Canyon an hour later. Significant snowfall, up to 30 inches in Alta and 26 inches in Snowbird, was reported, with more expected. Alta Ski Area’s parking area reached capacity around 11 a.m.

  1. What’s Wrong With The Utah Royal’s Jerseys? 

Supporter groups from the Chicago Red Stars and North Carolina Courage, known as Chicago Local 134 and The Uproar respectively, have criticized America First Credit Union, the jersey sponsor of the Utah Royals, due to the phrase “America First” being associated with racist and hateful ideologies, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. The issue has divided fans and drawn the attention of Utah’s governor, Spencer Cox, who expressed his disagreement with The Uproar’s statement. America First Credit Union defended its name and logo, stating its historical connection with the U.S. government and emphasizing its commitment to serving all communities. However, fans have varied perspectives, with some seeing no issue with the sponsorship while others choose not to support it.

  1. Can Ogden Locals Still Access The Hot Springs? 

The Weber County Sheriff’s Office has announced plans to enforce a no-trespassing policy at the Ogden River hot springs, sparking debate among enthusiasts who argue for continued access, according to the Standard Examiner. Proponents cite historical use and the hot springs’ proximity to the river, suggesting a prescriptive easement or public waterway access. However, legal hurdles exist, particularly if landowners have granted permission. Private property laws in the U.S. differ from the concept of “everyman’s right” seen in other regions. Safety concerns, including traffic hazards and drug use, have also been raised by authorities. Enthusiasts emphasize respect for the land and a culture of stewardship at the hot springs.

  1. What’s Going On With The Weather? 

Utah is experiencing a mix of spring weather, with scattered showers and below-average temperatures expected, according to ABC4. Mountain areas could see additional snow accumulation, while valleys may receive some snow as well. Daytime highs will be around 5-10 degrees below seasonal norms. By midweek, drier conditions will briefly prevail, with temperatures closer to normal. However, another system approaching toward the end of the week may bring isolated showers, particularly in northern Utah, with temperatures rising closer to seasonal averages. This system could bring wet weather statewide into the Easter weekend. Overall, below-average temperatures persist with scattered showers today, followed by a brief break midweek.

  1. Are There Secret Tunnels In Ogden? 

Ogden’s historic 25th Street is a treasure trove of preserved architecture and tales from its colorful past. Stories abound of underground tunnels supposedly used for illicit activities like prostitution and gambling during the prohibition era. While evidence of these tunnels remains scarce, many businesses still have boarded-up or closed-off basements, hinting at a hidden past. Some believe these basements connected neighboring buildings, providing a secretive way to transport goods or evade authorities. Despite differing opinions among locals and store owners, the mystery of Ogden’s underground world adds to its allure. The town’s transformation into a vibrant community of shops and stores doesn’t erase its intriguing history, leaving visitors to wonder about the secrets buried beneath its streets.

Question of the Day: How Do You Poop Outside? 

This is a silly question, but often hikers and backpackers aren’t fully educated on how to dispose in the outdoors. There are many different techniques including the cat hold technique, a W.A.G. Waste Alleviation & Gelling bag, it is also best to use a vault toilet if available.

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