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New Fall Brews from Epic

Epic Brewing has released new beers for September, ushering in the flavors of fall for beer lovers. Epic’s newest full-strength beer is now available at Epic’s brewery & bottle shop.


According to the brewers at Epic, “Hopsters Double IPA is a modern twist on the classic West Coast style IPA. Using Amarillo Hopburst, Centennial, and Magnum hops, this behemoth of a beer will engulf your tastebuds with flavor. This is the first year-round recipe developed by our new Head Brewer, Jake Kirkwood, who has been experimenting with Hopburst for a while now. Hopburst allows us to showcase the delightful hop profile in the flavor and aroma of the beer.”

In addition, Epic has released their Imperial Pumpkin Porter and Barrel-Aged Imperial Pumpkin Porter. The folks at Epic said, “This year we have 16oz cans of our original Imperial Pumpkin Porter the the Barrel Aged version at Epic Brewing! Both beers will be available soon at state liquor stores in our classic 22oz bomber bottles.”

One more: On Friday, September 8th, Epic releases their Munich Mayhem Märzen Lager. The brewers say, “Munich Mayhem was brewed by loving parents, but it became rebellious in its teenage years – I mean during fermentation. This bready, malt-driven liquid has an ungovernable flavor of spice and herbs.”

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