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Sugar House Naturopathic Medical Doctor Believes Psychedelics Change Lives

Naturopathic Medical Doctor, Todd Cameron is a strong proponent of medical marihuana, CBDs and psychedelics as a treatment for many disorders.


Dr. Todd Cameron of Cameron Wellness Center. Photo by Dung Hoang.

Naturopathic Medical Doctor, Todd Cameron, believes psychedelics ‘change lives.’

Dr. Todd Cameron has been around. Not only is he a Naturopathic Medical Doctor (NMD), he has also worked as a pediatric ICU nurse and is certified in Advanced Wilderness Life Support and as a Wilderness Medicine First Responder.

Because of his vast experience, he has had a number of residents who spent up to two years in his clinic, Cameron Wellness Center. He still gets a lot of requests from “medical students of every ilk” who want to work with an instructor.

“It’s because I’m old, and I’ve been around,” Cameron laughs.

The old guy is a strong proponent of medical marihuana, CBDs and psychedelics as a treatment for various disorders. “I’m very, very thankful that we’re now living in a world where we can do serious research again on psychotropics without the stigma that Timothy Leary kind of dragged along in the 60s when he wanted people to drop out,” he said.

Richard Alpert, later known as “Ram Dass” and Leary studied LSD extensively and were pioneers in the field. They “were doing remarkable things in prisons with violent criminals, like really opening up their minds and getting them away from thinking violent thoughts,” Cameron said.

Cameron speaks from experience and not just medical literature. “With my patients, especially the ones that are in a lot of pain or have a lot of anxiety or have a lot of depression, it changes lives and it does so quickly,” he said. This proves to be especially true of the suicidal. “They go through a couple of different sessions and realize how beautiful the world is and how beautiful they are, and how much more grounded they can be.”

His enthusiasm for the subject, seemingly unbounded, continued, “In my opinion, every single person that ever wanted to take public office should go through some sort of guided treatment with some sort of psychotropic substance,” Cameron said. “If they’re going to go into a position of responsibility over everything that we are losing in this world, including climate change [and] politics leading to war, this would change the way they see the world immensely.”

As much as Cameron is concerned with the mind, he is equally concerned with the body. “If they don’t have very good mental health, their physical health can be better. So, it’s kind of all wrapped up in one,” he said.  

The Menninger Clinic, a psychiatric hospital and research center, published case studies which particularly interested Cameron. One such case regarded a child who was about seven years old who had multiple personality disorder (now known primarily as dissociative identity disorder) from trauma. “When he was in one personality, he would get hives if he drank orange juice, but if his personality changed, his hives would immediately go away,” Cameron said. He also studied another case at a conference of a woman who was allergic to chocolate cake, but only at weddings. “So, you have to take not only what you’re eating into consideration, but the mental state and the emotional state of the individual.”

“We are wheels within wheels within wheels,” Cameron said. “Within my experience as a clinician, there is really nothing that I can think of that exists alone in its effects in the body. I mean, quite literally.”

Cameron believes that if you want to know how you respond to a particular food, you need to eat it by itself.  For instance, fasting before eating sugar or starch alone, and then later measuring your response on a glucometer, is a great way to see how an individual responds to sugars. “The onus is on the individual to find out, if they really want to find out,” he said.

Though Cameron acknowledges the differences between individuals, he believes that if you want to stay both mentally and physically healthy, most people should reduce the amount of food that turns into sugar quickly on an empty stomach, “because that’s your worst enemy. It spikes your sugar, it spikes your insulin, you start getting free radical damage. That starts cardiovascular disease, and it’s a mess,” he said.

With 85 five-star reviews on Google, it seems that many patients of the Cameron Wellness Center believe and practice that which Cameron and his staff purport.

Cameron Wellness Center is located at 1945 S 1100 E. (801) 486-4226


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