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5 Questions Answered by 6 Utah Breweries

We asked 6 of Utah Breweries these questions : How many barrels are you brewing annually? What is your flagship/or top selling beer? What is the most unique beer you came up with last year? What is the number one thing you’d like to see changed in Utah liquor laws?


We checked in with some of our favorite breweries to see what is happening in 2018.


How many barrels are you brewing annually?
What is your flagship/or top selling beer?
What is the most unique beer you came up with last year?
What is the number one thing you’d like to see changed in Utah liquor laws?
Anything else you’d like to update about your brewery?

Proper Brewing Co: Eleanor Lewis

We’re projected to produce about 1700 barrels in 2018

Our flagship beer is the Proper Beer, which is an English Golden Ale, but our overall bestseller is the Lake Effect Gose.

Next to our goses, our most unique beer is easily our Gruit. Before the use of hops became widespread throughout Europe somewhere between the 1200s-1500s, brewers flavored and bittered their beers using a mixture of herbs and spices called gruit (this is also what the resulting beverage was called). The gruit mixture varied from region to region, and the specific mixture recipe was often tightly guarded and dispensed by the Church (this is often cited as one of the earliest modern taxes on alcohol). Our version of the Gruit is an homage to this tradition, taking a Belgian dubbel base and using yarrow, sweet gale, and labrador tea in lieu of hops.

We’d love to see legal flights! In every other state, an adult can walk into a tasting room and order an array of small beer pours so they can sample a full variety of what the brewery has to offer – and often, the total volume of beer is less than if you ordered a pint! For some reason, Utah laws do not allow patrons to have more than two beers at a time, regardless of whether these beers are only 2-3 ounces each. Being able to offer flights would be a great service to both our local drinking community as well as tourists visiting from out of state – and would give breweries a better opportunity to show off their stuff!

You can now purchase cold beer to go from both our downtown and Avenues Proper locations! The downtown bottle shop (857 S Main) is open 7 days a week, 11am-11pm, and the cold case at Avenues Proper is open 11am-10pm Tuesday-Thursday, 11am-midnight Friday, 10am-midnight Saturday, and 10am-9pm Sunday (closed Mondays). Cold high point beer on Sundays!

857 Main St., Salt Lake City

We’d like to issue an apology to Proper Brewing Co. The story in our print version contained some errors and was inadvertently cut short. 

Strap Tank Brewing Company: Stu Brown

Photo by Steven Vargo:

Annual barrels : 750
Top seller: Flathead American Lager
Unique beer: Treebeer: A locally foraged ale with Juniper, Elderberry and Spruce tips added to give it a earthy flavor that reminds you of camping, christmas and being outdoors in Utah
Change: Cold storage at Utah liquor stores.
Bottling is in full swing with seasonal beers and the first release of our 7% Hazy IPA
1750 West 596 South, Springville

Red Rock Brewing: Aida Detry

Head Brewer, Kevin Templin. Photo by Steven Vargo.

5,000-6,000 between two breweries
Zwickel – unfiltered German style pilsner (Gold medal at 2017 GABF)
0.05 % DUI limit and a continuation of dual licensing (allowing restaurants to have both club and dining license) – set to expire in July 2018
254 South 200 West, Salt Lake City, 6227 South State, Murray, 1640 W. Redstone Center, Park City, 443 North 400 West, Salt Lake City

Wasatch/Squatters: Judy Cullen

The annual production at the Utah Brewers Cooperative is about 60,000 barrels
Squatters Hop Rising is our flagship beer – always our top seller.
Our newest, most unique beer is going to be our Chasing Tail Orange beer, which will be hitting the stores in March. Chasing Tail Orange is a Golden Ale infused with naval orange, and is ripe with Celeia and Super Galena hops. Chasing Tail Orange is 5.2% ABV, with an unfiltered appearance and a pale orange color. Quick Info STYLE : GOLDEN ALE ABV : 5.2% IBUs : 21 UNFILTERED BITTERING HOPS : SUPER GALENA AROMA HOPS : CELEIA COLOR : PALE ORANGE AVAILABLE: YEAR ROUND
It would be great if we could loosen the draft beer laws on ABV so that we could pour higher ABV beers on tap, which would allow us more options of styles and flavors to brew.
We were the first brewers in the state and still the best!
Wasatch Brew Pub: 250 Main St. Park City
Squatters 147 West Broadway (300 South) Salt Lake City, 1900 Park Avenue, Park City, Concourse C Terminal 2
Salt Lake International Airport

RPM Brewery: Steve Pruitt

Scott Parker of RPM. Photo by Mike Jones.

6,000 BBLs
Daytona IPA and Back Seat Blonde Ale
Monaco Hibiscus – a farmhouse ale with hibiscus tea
Private club/restaurant nowhere land
Recently decided to revert to the use our legal name – Salt Flats Brewery – and will use the RPM brand to designate our high point beers and MPG to designate our 4% beers. New canning line goes operational the first week of March and have entered into a distribution agreement with M&M Distributing cover all of the available territories served by Admiral Beverage.
2020 Industrial Cir B, Salt Lake City

Roosters: Steve Kirkland

Steve Kirkland and Jacquie King of Roosters. Photo by Steven Vargo.

Roughly 700 bbls at each Roosters
Bee’s Knees Honey Wheat
Yeti Sweat White Pale Ale
Allow purchase of kegs
We’re opening a production brewery this summer with a 30 bbl system and a canning line.
253 Historic 25th Street Ogden, 748 W. Heritage Park Blvd, Layton

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