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Utah Stories – Mountain People

The allure of Utah’s mountains has defined the state and its people.


Illustration by Chris Bodily

Whether for adventure, climbing, powder, gold or greed—The allure of the mountains has brought and still brings millions to Utah. When the area became settled it was called “the end of history.” The epoch period before white settlers arrived and mountains and hills were tamed and traversed with trails, existed for millions of years. Trappers and pioneers settled here when humans were at best intruders but more accurately interlopers. At Utah Stories we want to pay homage to the people who have made the mountains their source of inspiration, athleticism and income. These are the mountain men and women of Utah.

See our tribute to climber Kyle Dempster. Read about mountain climbers Shingo Ohkawa and Kitty Calhoun. Find out about a Realms of Inquiry, a private school, that includes climbing as part of the curriculum. And get an update on what is going on with the Mountain Accord.


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