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Roosters Brewing Celebrates 20 years in Ogden

Roosters celebrates 20 years in Ogden and helps anchor 25th Street revitalization


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Photo courtesy of Roosters Brewing Co.

“We are a big fish in a little pond. We use food, time, and love to make an impact.” ~Kym Buttschardt, Owner, Roosters Brewing Co.

If you take a glance into Ogden’s not-so-distant past, 25th Street wasn’t always the desirable location that it is today. Many of the charming little storefronts were boarded-up and run-down, and the street was rife with gang activity.

Most businesses would have looked at the state of the street and run in the other direction. Many did. The street definitely had potential, but most saw it as too much of a gamble. But it only takes one business to act as a catalyst and create a domino effect, and that business was Roosters Brewing Co. celebrating their 20th anniversary this month.

In 1994, Roosters owners Kym and Pete Buttschardt were looking to expand their current restaurant, The Union Grill. They were debating whether they should expand by adding a brewery, or if they should open up a separate brewery elsewhere. Luckily, the Union Grill is located at the dead end of 25th Street, a vantage point which allowed them to see the potential the street had and ultimately led to their decision. “The street had good bones,” said Kym, “We saw a good opportunity and we wanted to take a risk on 25th Street”.

Roosters’ Patio Photo by Shane Osgthorpe

Roosters opened the doors at their Historic 25th Street location in 1995 and quickly became a gathering spot for Ogden locals. Success came early, but this new endeavor brought with it a new set of challenges.“[25th Street wasn’t] developing very quickly and the town had an identity crisis over who it wanted to be,” said Kym. While this restaurant had planted a seed for the future of 25th Street, nobody was sure what exactly that future would be.

Initially businesses slowly trickled in initially, but very few stuck around for long, until a recent flood of popularity engulfed the street.

“It’s so rewarding and astounding to walk out and see all of this life around us now,” said Kym. “It’s more neighborly than it is competitive. Everyone works together.”

Their risk had paid off, and they proved to be the anchor  that 25th Street so desperately needed for revitalization.

As if they hadn’t done enough for Ogden already, Kym and Pete are also very active in community projects, such as the GOAL Foundation, Weber Pathways, the Business Association and the Ogden Bike Collective. Furthermore, they were the first customers of Beehive Cheese, and carry other local brands such as Daily Rise Coffee and Five Wives Vodka.“We do business as locally as we can,” said Kym, “Looking back and seeing all of the friendships after 20 years and community organizations, that, through food and love, we helped them grow. It’s very rewarding.”

To celebrate their 20th anniversary, Roosters will be hosting a party for the community on July 9th. “Bikes, bubbles, beer, balloons and smiles,” said Kym. “We are known for our great parties and for bringing the ‘Roosters love.’”

Being that Roosters has a bike team of its own, and is a recreation oriented brand, it is only fitting that they will be hosting a community bike ride that same day. More information will be forthcoming in the near future via their Facebook page .

Driven by their love and passion for Ogden, Roosters paved the way for the Historic 25th Street you see today. Kym and Pete epitomize the local culture and have used their collective voice to make needed changes within the community.

Their devotion and dedication to this city is infectious, and it shines through in their work. So when July 9th rolls around and it comes time to celebrate Roosters, make sure you stop by and show them some “Roosters love.”


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