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zurrick utahZuriick boots and shoes is not yet a household name, but their presence as Utah’s fastest growing boot and shoe company is getting a big boost starting in November.

They are opening their first ever retail facility at the 9th and 9th area, just east of Barbacoa. Owners Mike McCaleb and Chad Tovey have built up their business by establishing wholesale accounts with over thirty high-end retailers around the country. Their wholesale and online business has been steadily growing for the past six years.

Zuriick offers one product line that combines both local designing and American craftsmanship (boots made by Cobblers from the Eastern United States), these boots range from $129 to $495. They also offer another product line, shoes starting at $49, which are designed in the U.S. and manufactured in China. To offer the competitive price point Zuriick realized they would need to partner with a factory overseas, and their very low-profile purple soled shoes have proven a hit with consumers.

“There is no logo on their shoes.  They are made for consumer who want a very low profile walking shoe or dress shoe. While Zuriick’s business is all about low-profile, their new retail facility has a striking black profile that is sure to grab attention.

Zuriick will open November 1st. They are located at 875 East 900 South.


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