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SLC Marketplace: Red Hot and Shawarma King Now Open

Check out two of the newest restaurants worth trying in Salt Lake City.


Francis Liong, owner of both Lamb's Grill and the new RedHot hotdog and banh mi on Main Street with his son Logan in front of RedHot.
Francis Liong, owner of both Lamb’s Grill and the new RedHot hotdog and banh mi on Main Street with his son Logan in front of RedHot.

“Get your Red Hots!” Now you can. Opening at 165 South Main Street, Redhot, will offer classic and uncommon selections for hot dog connoisseurs. Francis Liong, owner of Lamb’s Grill, is opening Redhot next door to Lamb’s to cater to the downtown lunch crowd.

Liong says, “Salt Lake City needs a good hot dog place. And Main Street needs more uniqueness.”  To that end Redhot will be offering a Japanese hot dog served with fresh seaweed and teriyaki sauce.  Purists will not be disappointed with classic hot dogs made with Kobe beef from Idaho.

Diners can also look for grab and go salad and homemade chilis.  Several vegetarian items will be available from a chili to sandwiches. Liong hopes to make a Vietnamese sandwich, called a Banh Mi, one of the restaurant’s specialities. It is served on a French baguette with fillings from honey soy pork belly, Asian beef briscut, or pickled daikon radishes and carrots.

Liong hopes to open with hours from 10:30 am  to 6 pm.


The Shwarma Kings: Wisam and Ehsan Suhail, and Mohammed Kharsheed.

Chicken Shawarma is a rather simple dish. It is basically seasoned chicken served on a pita. But even with the most simple of dishes, as we have learned with our American hamburger, some recipes are better than others.

The Shawarma King believe their dish deserves the crown. But do they live up to this claim? They begin with the basics: fresh chicken and beef. They marinate the meats for 24 hours in special seasonings. Then they stack it on a vertical rotating spit. As it spins, it slow roasts and when it’s done, the succulent meat is shaved directly onto sandwiches. “Our supplier asked us if we wanted to buy the premade stuff, but we knew the flavor wasn’t there, so we make it ourselves,” said Wisam Suhail. The shawarma was indeed excellent. The service was also outstanding. Be sure to try the Iraqi tea.

ShawarmaKing1Indeed the decor, pink walls with red trim and Bob Ross-esque paintings on the walls, gives the restaurant an ethnic touch. The food and warm family atmosphere make Shawarma King a unexpected find in a 3300 South strip mall.


Shawarma King is located at 725 E 3300 S Salt Lake City

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