• Crab Cakes Recipe

    Crab Cakes Recipe

    Here’s the deal: When I eat crab cakes – which are typically fairly pricey – I want them to taste like CRAB, not filler. That’s what this crab cake recipe…

  • Crab-Stuffed Spring Rolls

    Crab-Stuffed Spring Rolls

    This spring roll recipe is really just a starting point. I love fresh crab, for example, but you could substitute shrimp or ground pork or just use veggies. Be creative!

  • Maryland-style Steamed Blue Crabs

    Maryland-style Steamed Blue Crabs

    With Labor Day weekend lurking, I’m thinking about one of my favorite summertime foods: steamed blue crabs. There’s nothing quite like enjoying fresh blue crabs from the Chesapeake Bay when…