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Homeless Voices Need to Be Heard

Rio Grande “Homeless Island” campers talk about what the city could be doing right now to get them into jobs and off of the streets.


Salt Lake City’s unsheltered homeless are planning a protest today (Sunday, February 19th) at 3 PM lead by the Nomad Alliance at either Pioneer Park or near the NBA AllStar Festivities.

Utah Stories supports this protest because for years now the homeless who have been victimized by the Salt Lake City Police Department under the direction of various mayors. They have not been heard and their are many falling into a downward spiral because they are being harassed while it is freezing cold.

Many homeless people want to work, want to get off the streets and become productive, this video clearly illustrates why Salt Lake City has made this nearly impossible for them to get out of the system.

Listen to what Salt Lake City’s unsheltered homeless have to say:

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