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The Coop: A New Bar in Layton, Utah and A New Face of The Roosters Brewing

The Coop is a brand new concept by The Roosters Brewing Group and it is conveniently located next door to the Roosters Restaurant in Layton’s “Midtown”.


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Last Thursday at 5 pm we headed in the middle of busy after-work traffic toward Layton. Why? The grand opening of The Coop. 

The Coop is a brand new concept by The Roosters Brewing Group and it is conveniently located next door to the Roosters Restaurant in Layton’s “Midtown”.

Kym and Pete Buttschardt started Roosters Brewing Co on Ogden’s 25th Street back in 1995. Since then, the company and brand have grown to become one of the largest independent breweries in the state. They now have four locations in Ogden, Layton, B Street, and SLC International Airport. Despite their many locations, they have remained locally owned, operated, and independent. The proximity of their Layton location to the Hill Air Force Base has attracted the base community to their popular pub, but it was time for a major remodel. 

The new designs are more modern and contemporary. Their event space is spacious enough for a large gathering and very rustic but modern. The Coop is not a large place, but an elegant one with a big bar as a focal point and enough seating indoors and their 3-season patio, but like always it’s the food and beer that steal the show.

We sampled their cajun shrimp; au-gratin potatoes and homemade meatballs, all outstanding. We enjoyed a painkiller cocktail,  a concoction with dark rum, pineapple, and orange juice. The cocktail put me in a merry mood to socialize and tour The Coop and the renovated Roosters Restaurant next door. 

While Roosters is a family-friendly restaurant, The Coop is a (21+) bar with an excellent cocktail menu. They feature some of our best local distilleries such as Dented Brick, Holystone, and Hgh West. I was positively surprised by the $10 price tags for COOP DE VILLE and MOUNTAIN MANHATTAN. Their beer menu besides Roosters beers also features brews from other local breweries such as Red Rock, Fisher, Uinta, and Kiitos as well as some of the best national and international beers.

The food menu highlights locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. It is divided between snacks, plates, and bigger plates & splits. 

I ordered Coop the Poutine for a mere $10. This poutine packs a punch:  steak fries with Beehive Cheese curds, brown gravy, and fried peppers. My husband, a born carnivore, went for the Coop Burger ($17)  adorned with Beehive Cheese cheddar and tomato jam. He enjoyed it immensely but that did not prevent him from stealing little bites of my poutine when I was not looking. 

We had a great time at the grand opening of the Coop and chatting with Roosters’  local partners Britt from Beehive Cheese, Beth and Jeff from Daily Rise, and Manny from Ogden’s Own Distillery. We reluctantly had to rush back to Salt Lake but left with a sense of community, support and partnerships that Roosters has always fostered. Our drive to Layton in the middle of rush hour was well worth the drive.


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