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Five Utah Cocktails and Drinks You Must Try

As fall begins to fade into the holidays, now is the time to raise a glass and celebrate five drinks highlighting local spirits across Utah. 


I Scream cocktail at Side Bar at Ogden's Own Distillery
I Scream cocktail at Side Bar at Ogden’s Own Distillery

Raise A Glass to Local Spirits

Utah’s mixologists know a thing or two about cocktails from layering nuanced flavors to finding the best locally made spirits, liqueurs and bitters and then putting all the right ingredients together to WOW, all while working within the narrow parameters of the state’s arcane liquor laws. As fall begins to fade into the holidays, now is the time to raise a glass and celebrate five drinks highlighting local spirits across Utah. 

I Scream

Side Bar, Ogden’s Own Distillery

As much a visual treat as it is for the tastebuds, the I Scream cocktail, found on the Spicy section of the craft cocktail menu at Side Bar, is jaw-dropping in more ways than one.

 Served in an ice cream cone-shaped glass with a smoke bubble for the scoop, this whimsical cocktail packs a punch once the wispy smoke dissipates. Tip your glass to enjoy Underground Herbal Spirit — a robust herbal liqueur layered with plum, molasses, baking spices and anise flavors — mixed with ginger syrup, tart lime juice and peach jalapeno jam that adds a surprising sweet heat kick at the bottom of the cone. 

Side Bar is the craft cocktail bar on the side of the Ogden’s Own Distillery in northern Utah, so every drink on the extensive cocktail menu is made with spirits crafted just on the other side of the picture window looking into the distillery.

Desert Rain

Wood.Ash.Rye (W.A.R)

Head south to enjoy Utah’s northernmost agave spirit produced in Eden. Wood.Ash.Rye (W.A.R) is one of St. George’s hottest bars and restaurants located in The Advenire Hotel. Their bar program utilizes local ingredients and Utah-based spirits to reflect the smell, taste and essence of Southern Utah. Enter Desert Rain, featuring New World Distillery’s Rabbit and Grass Agave Spirit, a fruit-forward blanco tequila distilled from 100% blue agave. This is mixed with smoky Wahaka Mezcal and citrusy grapefruit oleo saccharum and lime. W.A.R then counters with prickly pear (cactus fruit) for that sweet desert flair, all topped off with Topo Chico.

The Westfold

Water Witch

For six years, The Witch has been making friends and working magic from behind the bar in Central Ninth. Although they bring in all manner of obscure and hard-to-find liquors from around the world, they never forget their local distillers close to home. Currently featured on the curated cocktail list, you’ll find The Westfold highlighting Beehive Distilling’s original botanical spirit — Jack Rabbit gin, paired with a tangy ginger shrub and fresh lemon juice topped with a splash of soda. Best of all, once you try one, the bartenders can craft another round based even more carefully on your feedback and personal taste.

Under Current’s The Mintxibition made with Waterpocket Distillery’s Temple of the Moon Gin

The Mintxibition

Under Current

As the months get colder and darker, it’s nice to know where to go to find sunshine and tiki happiness — Tiki Tuesday at Under Current. With a focus on tropical-driven cocktails that lend themselves to bright colors and bold garnishes, Under Current’s The Mintxibition doesn’t disappoint on either front. Island staples of pineapple and coconut come together with Waterpocket Distillery’s Temple of the Moon Gin and curacao to punch up the Easter egg pastel blue vibe. Lime and a fragrant bunch of mint will immediately send those winter blues packing. Enjoy it with some of Under Current’s seafood bar bites to make your island experience complete.

Sugar House Distillery Local Whiskey Flight

Burgers and Bourbon at Montage Deer Valley

Take in the local flavors of Sugar House Distillery’s regionally sourced, small-batch, grain-to-glass spirits at Burgers and Bourbon at Montage Deer Valley, an establishment that pays homage to local artisans and farmers whose passion produces the finest ingredients. Found on the Whiskey Flight menu, customers can sample three of the distillery’s earliest and most award-winning spirits–Sugar House Rye, Bourbon and American Single Malt for a taste of what grains, yeast and time can produce here in the Wild West.


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