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Localism vs. Globalism: Utah Companies Bill Gates put out of Business

The worst of Bill Gates’ elitist policies is his idea about farming and agriculture. Gates is buying up farmland all over the United States. He wants to control more water and land than any other living human being


Bill Gates

The world’s global elites convened last week in Davos, Switzerland to decide how to steer the ship they control–the world economy. Should we embrace their vision of the future?

Leaders like Bill Gates and those who put more miles on their private jets in one year than most people will travel in their entire lives, want to tell us how to live our lives and more importantly how we can trust them to make the world a better place. Their ideas include creating a tracking system for our carbon footprint; they want to insert chips into every one to see how, where and what they are doing; but most importantly they want to buy our political leadership with their billions of dollars to create a New World Order and a global economic system.

Bill Gates built his global Microsoft empire by being a monopolist. He worked to undermine companies by using his operating system to install and favor Microsoft applications over competitors. Remember Utah’s Novell? And Word Perfect? The very best word processing and networking software on the market. Bill Gates used Microsoft to leverage their power over computers to put these platforms out of business. Now Bill Gates wants to use his billions to change our world to favor elitist policies.

The worst of Gates’ elitist policies is his idea about farming and agriculture. Gates is buying up farmland all over the United States. He wants to control more water and land than any other living human being. Why? Because he strongly believes that modern agriculture needs to have a dramatic shift toward control by the global elite.

Gates is the fourth wealthiest man in the world and he is now the largest private farmland holder in the United States. The elites want to patent all seeds and all seed genetics and essentially force all farmers to pay companies such as Monsanto and Cargill for seeds. Monsanto sues all farmers who are not paying them if they are caught using their seeds, even if they happened to drift onto their fields from neighboring farmers.

Under the auspices of improving agriculture, Gates believes that his chemical, biological, petrochemical, and bio-engineering partners will vastly improve the future of our global agricultural systems and food supply (through GMO technology). Gates’ big brain and his elitist friends who he met with at Davos last week are all so much smarter than local farmers, and they can decide what is best for our community. But can they really? Read a little more about it and decide for yourself.

Downtown Salt Lake Farmers Market

The rise of “localism”: farmers markets, locally-grown food; preservation of farmland and farm-to-table restaurants along with a stronger local economy runs completely counter to Davos elitists’ vision of the future. Which vision do you want to support?


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