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What Does the Future Hold for Wasatch and Squatters Breweries

Wasatch and Squatters Breweries have been recently acquired by Monster Beverage Corporation. Nevertheless, they plan to stay local and remain true to their beginnings.


Photos courtesy of Wasatch & Squatters.

In Utah, All Roads Lead to Great Beer

If you’re not already acquainted with Wasatch and Squatters Breweries, now is the time to do so. These two breweries are masters at making the best 5-9% beers that provide the best local flavor and quality. You’ve seen them in bars and at grocery stores, but how much do you really know about these two iconic local breweries? 

Wasatch Brewery

Wasatch Brewery began in the mid-1980s with a focus on creating one of the first original craft beers in Utah. Created in Park City, a place with an affinity for the outdoors, it quickly made sense why Wasatch Brewery became a household name for skiers, snowboarders, and mountain bikers. “Good for what Ales you!”, became their slogan, and they sold t-shirts that quickly became a local fashion statement.

Wasatch Brewery prides itself on being part of the Utah community that brings people together to enjoy the great outdoors. Their brewers are world-class, traveling the globe tasting beer to find the best profile and taste for Wasatch Front beer aficionados. They return to Salt Lake City to create recipes, quality check ingredients, and stay connected with local suppliers in order to brew a quality product. 

What to look for in 2022:

Wasatch Brewery will be partnering with Ski Utah to connect with the local community. The Brewery plans to make a bigger impact by sponsoring outdoor events throughout the year, such as SkiJoring, also known as horse skiing. Yes, you read this correctly; skiers get pulled through courses by horses! 

Along with these innovative events, Wasatch Brewery plans to get more involved in Utah’s outdoor community by hosting ski parties, mountain bike rides, and golf tournaments. Keep your eye out for these events as the weather warms. 

In addition to these events, Wasatch will be introducing new flavors and bringing back seasonal favorites throughout the year, including Our Share IPA and Apricot Hefeweizen. 

Squatters Brewery

From their tropical blends to their Hazy Hops, Squatters offers an assortment of flavors that pair well with the outdoors and the seasons by adding a modern twist to their beers. I recently tried the tropical-double IPA, and I can now say that it’s one of my favorites! 

A great way to experience their beers for yourself is to come in for a beer tour and sample all of Squatters beers at the West Side Tavern in Salt Lake City. The experience demonstrates the process that goes into creating a great craft beer and all of its unique flavor profiles. It’s amazing what can be achieved with just three ingredients: grain, hops and water. You can expect to be a beer expert after this behind-the-scenes tour. 

Squatters is open Monday thru Sunday from 10am to 10pm. Be sure to try the Hop Rising Double IPA (smooth, 9%), Hop Rising Hazy Double IPA, and the Juicy IPA. 

What does the future hold?

There has been quite a buzz regarding Wasatch and Squatters Breweries being recently acquired by Monster Beverage Corporation. Will Wasatch and Squatters continue to produce the same local craft beers that have become part of Utah culture, or will they drift away and become just two more national brands? We met with both companies and they assured us that they want to maintain their connections to the loyal community they helped create. Both plan to stay local and remain true to their beginnings. This is great news for Utah beer lovers. 

Wasatch and Squatters have big plans for 2022, so keep your eye out for new and exciting things to come. Let’s support locally produced, quality brews and brewers, and take pride in what Utah has to offer.

Additional content by David E. Jensen.


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