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What to Do for Fun in Cache County, Utah

Cache County is unique. It is both country and urban. Full of agriculture and open space, hiking trails and areas for recreation.


“Cache County is unique,” explains Gina Worthen, Northeast District County Chair of Cache County. “It is both country and urban. Full of agriculture and open space, hiking trails and areas for recreation. It has a hometown feel,” she continues. “Each city has its own annual celebrations aimed at keeping their traditions alive.”

Antique homes and buildings grace the streets of its many small towns, which, as the state’s leader in agriculture, farms and ranches, encompasses many charming towns.

Home of Utah State University, education, sports, and the arts are readily accessible both at the university and within the community.

With over thirteen theaters, opera houses, and other live performing arts venues, one can enjoy the finest of theater, opera, dance, or jam to any genre of live music.

Seven museums including the American West Heritage Center Living-museum, and even a zoo, are bound to educate, entertain, or pique the interest of visitors and locals alike. 

Aggie’s famous cheeses and ice cream made at USU, as well as Gossner Foods cheese factory, will tickle the tongues of any turophile. Culinary visitors will enjoy the many local eateries including Angie’s, Beehive Pub and Grill, the Bluebird, and many more.

The grandest feature of Cache County is the great outdoors. Bear Lake State Park, often referred to as the “Caribbean of the Rockies,” Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge, and Logan Canyon offer endless beauty and recreation.

Year-round outdoor recreation can be experienced in all its forms. Skiing, watersports, hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, horseback riding, snowmobiling, exploring on ATV’S or UTV’s, or riding upon a horse drawn wagon are just some of them.

Locals will tell you that this is “God’s Country”, and many, including Gina Worthen, will tell you that Logan Canyon “rivals Yellowstone.” National Geographic writer, Michael Sweeney, describes Logan Canyon as America’s “Last Unspoiled Place” in his book by the same name.


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