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Fun Things to Do in Morgan County, Utah

Morgan County, Utah offers an abundance of activity, wildlife, and recreation. Many visitors end up liking it so much, they end up moving there.


Lost Creek State Park at night in Morgan County.

Nested in a beautiful agricultural valley in the center of the Rocky Mountain region, lays the smallest county in Utah, Morgan County, with a total land mass of 610 sq. miles. But don’t let the small area fool you. Morgan sports an abundance of activity, wildlife, and recreation.

According to “Mama Lake,” aka Theresa Lake, owner of the Morgan Mercantile, where you will experience a sampling of local arts, culture, and the world’s best cinnamon rolls, “It is the people who make Morgan County special. The people reach out and take care of each other.”

Fishing, camping, hiking, golfing, rodeos, demolition derbies, horseback riding, boating, swimming, historical landmarks, wildlife viewing, and a geographical oddity, are only a few of the delights you’ll find in this idyllic community. 

Morgan County includes part of Cache National Forest and the Wasatch National Forest. East Canyon State Park attracts visitors from around the nation, and East Canyon Dam provides year-round water activities, including fishing and ice fishing. 

Lost Creek State Park and Round Valley Wildlife Management Area are beautifully preserved places for wildlife viewing and outdoor activities throughout the year.

The part of the Weber River that runs through Morgan County draws families and individuals out for rafting and tubing adventures. And obviously, fishing and fly fishing are perfect on this stretch of river.

One of the more unique landmarks in Morgan county is the geological formation of Devil’s Slide,  or Devil’s Blade, according to Native American tradition. It has the appearance of a gargantuan playground slide as parallel limestone rocks about 25 feet apart extend up the mountainside. Located off I-84 between mile markers 110 and 111, there are pull-offs on both sides of the freeway for viewing.

“Morgan County is such a wonderful place. There is so much beauty and so many things to do. People often come to visit, and they like it so much, they move here,” states Carol Brooks of the Morgan Business Association.


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