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39-year-old Utah Woman Dies After Receiving Covid Vaccine

A 39-year old Ogden mother died from flu-like symptoms just after she received the Covid-19 vaccine. It was her second dose of the vaccine, and just after she received the shot she began vomiting and the area where she was injected became sore. 


That is the headline reported by KUTV News, but is it true?

A 39-year old Ogden mother died from flu-like symptoms just after she received the Covid-19 vaccine. It was her second dose of the vaccine, and just after she received the shot she began vomiting and the area where she was injected became sore. 

So, this is the most popular story on KUTV News website, it is gaining a lot of reader interest, it’s getting them a lot of ratings. So should you then decide to not get your vaccine and hold off?

This is a part of the game the local news is now playing. Let’s begin with the facts. The FDA had to approve of all of the Covid-19 vaccines before they gave the drug companies permission to produce and distribute the drugs. During the FDA trial periods, where they studied the effects of around 100,000 patients after they received the vaccine, they likely noticed some statistical anomalies. Such as some people die. That’s right, people will die from taking the vaccine. 

Let’s just see how many people have died from Covid vaccines so far. This is from the Center for Disease Control website. “People can die from anaphylaxis but it is rare”. Anaphylaxis is the condition of your body reacting to a severe allergy.

But what are the stats related to the death rate of people who are given the vaccine? Less than two people in 100,000.

Or directly from the CDC’s website

Over 92 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered in the United States from December 14, 2020, through March 8, 2021. During this time, VAERS received 1,637 reports of death (0.0018%) among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine.

So here is what is missing from the KUTV story. Here is a story that the 35th person in Michigan has died from the Covid vaccine. Notice how this story says in the beginning, that this is actually normal, and to be expected. How come we don’t find that information in this KUTV story?

What it appears is that they are trying to confuse you and make you afraid because they want you to keep tuning in— to check back on their website. 

They want you to be glued to tonight’s news to find out the results of the autopsy. They want this story to have legs and they want to get a few reports out of this one story. And because this woman is young and appears healthy, they believe you will keep tuning in for updates, to keep your eyes glued and your amygdala (the fear-center of your brain), activated, so that your fear will drive their ratings and make them money.

So let’s just be clear: there is a statistical chance you will die just by receiving the vaccine, that you might experience liver failure or have an anaphylaxis reaction just as this Ogden mom did.

The Salt Lake Tribune pointed this out yesterday. Why doesn’t KUTV point this out?

Vaccine or not? What should we do?

Examine the CDC’s website to get a better handle on how the vaccine works and the different types of vaccines that are available. There are currently four drug makers with vaccines. Pfizer and Moderna both require two shots for a full vaccination. Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine requires just one shot.

So how does the Covid vaccine work? Let’s visit the CDC website: But how effective are the Covid vaccines? Let’s see this article from Medical News Today

You can find all of these links on the UtahStories.com website. 

Utah Stories is all about diving past the clutter and spin and ratings games that news outlets play helping you to find the truth. We work to help you become a better consumer of news and information so that we call all work towards preserving the quality of life that we enjoy here in Utah.

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