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What Are Utah’s Proud Boys and Militia Members Saying Now?

Utah Stories talked to members of Utah’s Chapter Proud Boys to understand who they are, what they represent, and what they have to say.


Tim Jacobs: Trump Supporter from Baltimore at the Utah State Capitol
Tim Jacobs: Trump Supporter from Baltimore at the Utah State Capitol

Tim Jacobs, an African American from Maryland was visiting Utah’s Temple Square when he learned that there was going to be a Trump “Stop the Steal” rally up at Utah’s Capital building. He got a ride up the hill and was impressed with what he found.

“It’s a lot freer over here. I see people openly carrying, which I think is awesome.” He was prepared for the worst after the election, living in Baltimore he had bought body armor, weapons, and plenty of ammunition believing that Trump was going to defeat Joe Biden which he believed would have once again set the city on fire.

But he appreciates Utah’s “peaceful protest” and how so many gathered carrying weapons, but were able to gather without violence and gather speaking for their rights.

“Are you willing to stand for those things that you hold dear? Are you willing to say, ‘give me liberty or give me death? We will not be slaves to lesser men.” said one protestor.

“I’m here because of the fraud that has taken place in our voting process,” said Andrew Scofield.

Deloy Mecham from Brigham City who is a local militia organizer was also in attendance.

Utah Stories asked him, “At what point do you think we will start needing to use military power to get Democracy back?”

“Right away, right now,” Mecham answers.  “We might do some today…Here it is about the support of Trump and the support of what is going on here today. Up there [at the state capitol building] they have the doors locked. Those doors shouldn’t be locked. That’s not their building. It’s our building. And yet they lock their doors. They forgot who they work for. We are their boss. They are our employees.”

We continue the conversation with Mecham who comes from Brigham City and Morgan.

Deloy Mecham from Brigham City at "stop the steal" rally in Salt Lake City
Deloy Mecham from Brigham City

You are labeled as rabble-rousers. How would you label yourself?

“I’ve run for Legislature. We aren’t rabble-rousers. We are just on a different end of the spectrum right now. And a lot of these members of the legislature, they carry guns. We carry guns, and I know that a lot of them feel the same way as we do.

We are all just people. The small people are just tired of getting kicked around, you know. Aren’t you tired of paying your income tax and not getting anything for it?

Anybody who takes a stand, you have got to love them. People who don’t take a stand, are going to get what they are going to get. You have got to take a stand. Everybody here.

I think that both parties are bad, and we need to all remember one thing, that we are all Americans. And we need to bring it back together. I think it was designed to make us enemies. ”

Why are you wearing military fatigues and carrying guns?

“It’s just to show that we have that right, and we are prepared to do what it takes to keep our freedom.”

The Proud Boys of Utah

Proud Boys: Utah Chapter
Proud Boys: Utah Chapter

We approached a group of the Proud Boys of Utah to ask them a few questions. 

Are you homophobic, xenophobic, anti-immigrant?

“Our sergeant of arms is gay,” says one of the Proud Boys. “If you want racist, I’ve got this guy and that guy right there [ he says while pointing to two Latino men behind him]”

“I’m the whitest, white supremacist you will ever meet in your life!” exclaims the Latino man joking.

“We don’t discriminate based on race, religion, sexuality, nothing. You only need to be an American man who is proud of your country. Tell me one group that the media doesn’t pidgin-hole as racist that is on the right?”

“We are peaceful, we are just fed up.” said a Proud Boy member who said he goes by “gorilla”. “I guess you determine what level of peace you want. We would prefer to go take everyone here and go and have rounds.”

“Most of the people on the other side, they would be standing here with us, other than the media is so corrupt that they are all misinformed. It’s not a problem with our fellow citizens, it’s our citizens being propagandized. Whether the media is complicit or whether they are actually the enemy, they are propagandizing. ”

“If the United States goes down here, we will never see freedom on this globe again. He is the difference between Communism and Freedom surviving in this world right now,” said Ken McGarity from Cottonwood Heights.




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