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Bacon – The New Temp Agency That’s Not a Temp Agency

Through their website, Bacon posts jobs inclusive to the service industry such as special events, restaurant help, truck driving, construction, landscaping, warehouse staffing and more.


Rashaad Nunnally is a musician, producer, engineer, and businessman. He calls himself an “one-stop renaissance man.” He is also a family man with bills to pay. 

To supplement his income he was working part-time for Salt Lake Community College commuting from Eagle Mountain. That is when a friend told him about Bacon, a company whose specialty is to find and help supply on-demand workers a shift at a time. 

What Nunnally found is that he could pick work closer to his home and pick shifts that fit in with his other pursuits. He also found good paying jobs with  “more consistent pay and the great pay benefit of being able to work Monday and get paid Wednesday. 

He also gets to do something new every day if he chooses or sticks with one of the temporary jobs for two weeks to a month. Nunnally quit his part-time SLCC job and relies solely now on Bacon. 

Bacon doesn’t want anyone to think of them as merely a temp agency. “We’re better,” says Founder and CEO Hunter Sebresos. “Workers aren’t charged to be on our platform. There are no contracts or buy-out fees.”

Through their website, Bacon posts jobs inclusive to the service industry such as special events, restaurant help, truck driving, construction, landscaping, warehouse staffing and more. Companies have the chance to hire workers with proven job skills, accessible bios, pictures and work experience. Workers, in turn, can apply for available shifts whether it be for merely one or several, depending on what their schedule and needs are. While workers have the ability to labor in several different venues, some end up staying on as permanent full-time employees at various places after realizing they are a good fit. Since its inception, Bacon has enabled more than 30,000 workers to find employment at close to 250 different businesses in central and northern Utah. It has been especially beneficial for people who’ve lost employment or hours due to COVID. 

Kelsie Wadsworth is another worker who has benefited from Bacon’s model. She was looking for a job last summer when she saw an ad for Bacon and decided to give it a try. She likes the ability to log in, grab a job with a shift she prefers. “I like committing to one shift at a time and being able to work 40 hours a week of none if I choose.” 

Wadsworth has sampled jobs in landscaping, construction, warehouse, factories and catering corporate events. She has even painted fences, tried babysitting, and planning family reunions. 

Her favorite are the corporate events. “People fly in from all over the world and I get to interact with them. One corporation rented out the entire Hogle Zoo.”

“I would recommend it for anyone needing extra money for whatever reason. It is non-commital, good pay, interesting, and fun. It is also great for people looking for full-time employment to give them time to decide on something they really want rather than settling.” she says. 

At the end of each shift, workers are also given reviews by their employer based on a five-star rating system. “Think of the value in earning a five-star review,” Sebroses said. “That’s a resume in and of itself and can allow a company to choose only the best staff. We are trying to create a “win” for these companies and their workers.” Yet, Bacon doesn’t only provide an avenue for jobs. Workers are also encouraged to participate in Bacon’s Level Up Program, designed to entice workers to pursue a technical college or trade school degree to further enhance their skills and employability.

Sebroses, 40, who has strong established ties within the service industry as well as an entrepreneurial spirit, realized the need to promote Bacon in the wake of COVID-19. “This is a way to keep a person’s hopes up,” he explained. “Even in a COVID-19 era people are still buying things. We see a confidence in people that comes with having employment, income and a purpose.”

Sebresos sums it up, he asks, “who’s ready to bring home the bacon?” Visit Bacon.Work.

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