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We greatly appreciate all of your comments on our stories and videos. Here we will share some of the comments made on a few last videos. Comments on Podcast: The End of History Instagram Hello_Alexandra: No one is saying that we should forget that the founding fathers lived. I think the bigger cry is to…


We greatly appreciate all of your comments on our stories and videos.

Here we will share some of the comments made on a few last videos.

Comments on Podcast: The End of History

Instagram Hello_Alexandra: No one is saying that we should forget that the founding fathers lived. I think the bigger cry is to teach the full, complicated stories behind their actions and stop painting them as only heroes when at times they were pretty monstrous as well.

Troypitts: The Lincoln Statue you refer to depicts a black man kneeling at Lincoln’s feet in a very paternalistic manner. There are ways to capture the historic moment that show the strength and perseverance of black Americans. This statue is not one of those ways. No one is calling Lincoln a white supremacist.

A reply to this comment: Have you seen this monument? That’s a really dumb argument. There is n0 racism in this monument but 100% unity and lifting the slave out of slavery. Do you see the chains on the slave’s wrists? This is a historic monument that represents the lifting of people from slavery.

Our Response: The point is Art is subjective and good art should not attempt to be something that makes everyone happy. Put up any statue especially of a person and you are likely to offend many people. Because nobody is perfect. 

Jacob Morrill: It always bothers me to hear people point out that the majority of BLM protesters are White. Systemic racism is not a Black issue to fix, although they have to deal with the problems it creates, it is within the White community that racism needs to be dealt with. If anything it should be all White people getting together to figure out how we will collectively fix the system. The more white people that join with the sentiment of BLM the better and protesting the issue as White people is exactly what should be occurring.

You bring up some good points about the Black communities being at the low end of the social-economic system and how that needs to change, but the WHY behind how they are there can be directly traced back to Jim Crow and the rigged justice system meant to keep them there. Black people were not allowed to participate in the homesteading that took place in the US. They were also excluded from being able to buy homes, systemically. I think it’s something like 20% of White wealth can be traced back to the “perks” of the system allowing them wealth avenues that were flat out denied to the Black community. The only way we will ever get the wounds of slavery to heal in this country is to give the Black community a place at the table that white people historically received. I love the idea of small homes for the urban community as a place to start. 

Affordable housing is a serious issue and part of getting people a place at the table. As far as the tearing down statues thing is concerned, most of those Confederate statues were put up as a big middle finger to the Black community during the Civil Rights movement. I haven’t heard of a big push to remove Founding Fathers’ statues. You’re dead right about Walmart, they destroyed the main street business. Now there is Facebook destroying every other community thing. It’s no wonder we are so divided as a Country, we hardly ever get together anymore in a setting where we can discuss issues as adults and bond over our common humanity, regardless of political beliefs.  BTW, I recommend adding the book “The New Jim Crow” to your reading list, it’s pretty enlightening about how systemic racism came about withing the justice system. While I don’t agree with you on everything, I appreciate your perspective and no B.S. approach.

Comments on the podcast: Hypocrisy in Action

Tony Hardman: Sure is a lot of hypocrisy going on. Covid is pretty much a part of normal life now.

Comments on the podcast: Utah Public lands, Bears Ears, building a better Rural Utah with Phil Lyman

Agenda21Truth1: Lyman was doing well until he said, “I love living in a Public Land State having wide open space”. Lyman, and everyone else including the Birkenstock crowd in Sugarhouse, need to realize that those scenic areas will still exist WITHOUT the government!  History has proven it so!  This is just another example that Lyman still needs to expand his Constitutional thinking.   https://agenda21truth.blogspot.com/2017/02/ethical-violations-and-misconduct-by.html   Those people who will no longer speak to you because you said, “locals need to make a living” are most likely City-dwellers, the kind who VISIT public land and leave their garbage for others to pick up!   The “overcrowding of cities” IS THE AGENDA!  #Agenda21 But, the COVID CRISIS & RIOTS are testimony to the fact THE CITY’S ARE THE WORST PLACE TO BE!  https://agenda21truth.blogspot.com/2018/04/how-private-property-in-america-is.html   [Taylor Grazing Act]:  https://agenda21truth.blogspot.com/2017/05/eye-of-storm-hage-familys-fight-for.html   

That will also help you understand Environmentalism.  Or watch this video:  https://www.bitchute.com/video/ZA0bPHtGfpHM/   Read Storm Over Rangelands by Wayne Hage.  The reason it costs just as much to buy home/property in Moab area as in Sugarhouse is because they want to discourage growth. .  . But not for the wealthy!

Comments on Podcast: Riots, Racism, Inland Port, Cronyism in Utah: An interview with Greg Hughes

Michelle Cole: I have always enjoyed the stories whenever I see them in restaurants but had no idea there was a youtube. I see you being a Sean Hannity twin !! Truly enjoyed this with Greg Hughes and the tough questions, we have already voted for GREG and VICTOR and truly wanting those 2 to win. I also have subscribed so I can get notified for more of your videos. Thank you !!! Greg truly shined in this interview !!!

Paul: Just like Mitt Romney, Jon Huntsman wants local office for personal reasons completely unrelated to the best interests of true Utahns. Therefore the question is, “Who can beat Huntsman?  I guess I’m voting Cox just cause he has the best chance of canceling another Mister Big trying to sucker the local yokel.

Sherri Vance: Ugh. I have no interest in anything Greg Hughes has to say. Will you be interviewing the other gubernatorial primary candidates, or are you displaying your bias?


Comments on Podcast: Eric Moutsos: The Constitutionality of prohibiting gatherings & closing businesses

Megan Hooley: Thanks to both of you….the real heros!!!

Bryan Fryer: The protests downtown were a reaction to the murder of hundreds of people at the hands of police, crimes that went mostly unpunished. This guy is mad because someone told him he should wear a mask and for the good of our hospital system and fellow humans we had to TEMPORARILY close some business? That’s a thin excuse for his real agenda which appears to be denying science, kissing up to Trump and giving a voice to right wing authoritarians types. He’s exactly the type of (former) cop people are protesting against. And by the way, I told myself I’d keep an open mind and I listened to the podcast. It just confirmed what I already thought. 


Thank you for your comments and keep them coming!

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