How to Succeed in Farming on Very little Land in the 21st Century

Utah’s Natural Meat might be the most innovative farms in all of Utah. Shayn and Kristen Bowler take the best from the old world to run a farm in 21st century.


Pasture-raised beef, dairy, chickens, and lamb are viable in the suburbs.

Utah’s Natural Meat might be the most innovative farms in all of Utah. It’s located amongst one of the fastest-growing areas along the Wasatch front: in South Jordan.
Here homes are popping up like daisies all around Shayn and Kristen’s Bowler’s ranch/dairy/farm/store and home in the suburbs. South Jordan’s home prices are rising but the Bowlers have no intention of selling.

Shayn Bowler takes the best from the old world by using draft horses to plow fields and to haul large amounts of hay and feed. But he also utilizes state-of-the-art technology to feed his animals. All his animals eat rich, nutritious, sprouted grass. He uses large shipping containers to grow sprouts. In this way, he compensates for the lack of ground his farm sits on. “Rather than putting animals on pasture, I bring the pasture to the animals.”

A few years ago Shane opened the dairy greatly appreciated by his customers. Consequently, he’s almost consistently sold out of his rich, creamy raw milk. Furthermore, his meat is on the backorder till July.

During a time when farmers are committing suicide like never before due to the commodity-driven, tiny margins they receive beholden to multinational corporations, Shane and Christine Bowler are prospering by selling everything directly to their neighbors and the public.

The Bowlers and their farm are highly appreciated by South Jordan City and its community. Perhaps the Bowlers are an example that when it comes to farming, doing everything contrary to the standard practices, might be a great idea.

Listen to the full interview with Shane and Christine on the Utah stories podcast.



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