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2020 Utah Breweries Roundup

2020 Utah Breweries Roundup


Zion Brewery

New Beers – Kinesava Kölsch and Prickly Pear Gose

Top Sellers – The Juicy, Echo IPA, Foray Pomegranate Kettle Sour, and Station 2 Lager.

The Niche – Our Kettle Sour program and being Draft focused.

Brewmaster – Jeremy Baxter

Advice – “Dream Big! Never stop learning and keep it fun!”

95 Zion Park Blvd. Springdale, UT

Salt Flats Brewing Co.

New Beers – Lowrider Chocolate Milk Stout 7.5% ABV. Available at liquor stores. Tank Slapper Double Rye IPA 9% ABV. Available at liquor stores.

Top Seller – SlipStream Double IPA 9% Available at all DABC stores.

Number of barrels per year – 3000

The Niche – Approachable yet refined beers

Brewmaster – Scott Parker. His education and experience includes the Doemens World Brewing Academy in Germany; the Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago; and UC Merced.

Advice – “Be ready when stepping into the highly competitive brewing world. Salt Lake City is home to some fantastic brewers and it is slowly becoming a hotspot for craft beer.”

Anything you’d like to add – “We also are operating a distillery producing spirits and ready-to-drink canned cocktails. Give me a call for more information and lets chat! We would love to have you come out to the brewery/distillery.”

2020 Industrial Circle, Unit B, Salt Lake City

Moab Brewery

New beer – Johnny’s Juicy Hazy IPA—a new spin on our beloved classic American 0IPA. Now in the taste phase, expect this delicious beer to be hitting stores in our signature 16oz can and in bars and restaurants on draft this late spring.

Top Seller – Johnny’s American IPA – #1 selling 5% IPA in UT!

Number of barrels per year – 14,000 in 2019

The Niche – “We take our inspiration from the beautiful and unique landscapes in and around Moab. We have been an oasis in the desert of SE Utah since 1996. Our focus is and always has been to create high quality consistent craft beers for the great people of Utah.”

Brewmaster – Jeff Van Horn. Jeff’s brewing interest began at home in 1988 with a friend saying, “It’s a good way to get a strong beer in the state of Utah! It was in 1997 that he broke into the microbrewery industry as a keg washer. Through his hard work and desire to learn, he eventually found himself running a bottling plant. Jeff joined the Moab Brewery team in 2002, and has been responsible for all aspects of our brewery, which still includes washing kegs. He has been awarded numerous medals over the years for his quality ales and lagers.

Advice – “We have been a long time staple for anyone visiting Moab. Our brewpub has over 300 seats and is family friendly. The great support from the Utah craft beer consumers has led to incredible growth of our brand over the years. We are very excited to be working on numerous new beers to bring to both grocery & liquor stores in 2020!”

Anything you’d like to add – “In 2016 we built the Moab Distillery next door to our brewhouse and restaurant. We are currently producing our Class 5 Vodka (available in DABC stores), Spot On Gin (available in DABC stores), Tight Squeeze pinot noir barrel aged Gin (available in our package agency in Moab), Rayo Agave (available in our package agency in Moab), and are excited for the first release of our whiskey late this spring (will be available in our package agency in Moab.)!!

686 S Main Street, Moab, UT

Fisher Beer

New beers – Fisher puts out three new beers every week and up to 90 unique beers every year.

Top seller – Fisher Beer—a Classic American Pilsner.

Number of barrels per year – 1700

The Niche – Fresh draft beer and rotating daily food trucks in a community taproom.

Brewmaster – Colby Frazier

Advice – “Drink your beer fresh!”

320 W 800 S, Salt Lake City, UT

Strap Tank Brewery

New Beers  – Roggen Bier, Irish Red Ale, Hazy Pale Ale

Top seller – Flathead Lager

Number of barrels per year – 1000 barrels

The Niche – The big thing that we agree on and is beer that is approachable and drinkable and newcomers to craft beer feel welcome and can try new products and be adventurous by keeping them drinkable. Purple Glitter Beer.

Brewmasters – Julia Shuler, Springville and Shawn Smith, Lehi

Advice – Start trying different beers and there is a wonderful community of craft beer drinkers and brewers here in Utah. Work your way up to brewery and learn about it along the way.

Anything you’d like to add –   Strap Tank has a fun and cool environment and loves that their staff is excited about beer and wants to talk about it. We have a good variety of beer to introduce people into craft beers.

596 S 1750 W, Springville
3661 N. Outlet Parkway, Lehi

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