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The Best Places to Get Hot Chocolate in Utah

Whether you live in Utah or are just visiting, if you’re wondering where the best places to get hot chocolate near me are, we’ve got you covered.


Enliten Bakery and Cafe.

Utah is known for having the best snow on earth—it’s also known for having that snow (and accompanying cold temperatures) start as early as October and come and go through April. So how do Utahns handle such long winters? Besides working up a sweat skiing and snowboarding, they drink lots of hot chocolate.

Whether you live in Utah or are just visiting, if you’re wondering where the best places to get hot chocolate near me are, we’ve got you covered. From Park City all the way down to St. George, because yes it gets cold down there too, here are the top spots to get a delicious cup of hot cocoa in Utah.

Ritual Chocolate
Park City

The founders of Ritual Chocolate have a simple mission: “produce exceptional quality chocolate while celebrating the complexity of the cacao bean.” And if you ask me, they do just that with all their chocolate offerings, but notably their cafe’s hot chocolate. A Park City staple, Ritual Chocolate serves a mouthwatering cup of hot chocolate, along with sipping chocolate and iced drinking chocolate, all of which are made using their heaven-sent Mid Mountain chocolate.

Hatch Family Chocolates
Salt Lake City

Finding the best hot chocolate in Salt Lake City isn’t hard. Ask the locals what their favorite downtown chocolate shop is and they’ll likely tell you Hatch Family Chocolates. And being expert chocolate makers, it’s no surprise they make a mean cup of cocoa. Imagine yourself sipping heavy cream, whole milk and melted chocolate pieces. It’s a simple, yet taste bud wowing, recipe for chocolatey comfort in a cup. Hatch’s offers milk and dark chocolate choices, as well as vegan options.

Tulie Bakery
Salt Lake City

Tulie Bakery easily comes in as a favorite on many SLC residents’ lists, especially if you’re in search of a richly traditional cup of cocoa. Their frothy goodness is a combo of three main ingredients: cream, sugar and bakers cocoa. And make sure to order a soft, flaky croissant or hazelnut caramel tart with your hot chocolate (you won’t be sorry you did).

The Chocolate

This dessert cafe is another chocolate lover’s dream. I mean, how could it not be with a name like The Chocolate? The cafe itself is charming and cozy, and the hot chocolate perfectly blends together chocolate and real cream. You can get a spice, mint or hazelnut flavored cup of hot chocolate. No matter which one you choose, your mouth, body and heart will instantly fill with flavorful warmth with each drink.

Enliten Bakery and Cafe

If you’re looking for great ambiance and gourmet hot chocolate, head to Provo. Enliten Bakery and Cafe offers five kinds of gourmet hot chocolate: dark, white, black and white, cinnamon roll and s’more please. You can also order a hot chocolate with almond, hazelnut, coconut, caramel or vanilla syrup. Get yours with one of their massive eclairs or fresh cinnamon rolls. Gourmet hot chocolate plus a delectable dessert make the perfect combo for a rainy fall day or blizzarding winter day.

Xetava Gardens Cafe

The locally-sourced food and service at Xetava really draw in the crowds. Everything they make and sell there is to die for, and the Cocoa Supreme is no exception. This decadent hot chocolate comes with homemade whipped cream and another little ingredient uncommon to classic hot chocolates but really adds a nice touch, almond roca. Get one for yourself and see!

Bear Paw Cafe
St. George

A quaint but always buzzing coffee shop in Southern Utah, Bear Paw Cafe does coffee, homey breakfast foods and hot chocolate right. They make their hot chocolate with steamed milk, imported Belgium cocoa, real whipped cream, and possibly the best part, vermicelli sprinkles on top. Kids and adults alike love this little mom and pop cafe and their hot cocoa.

So when cold weather or a craving hits, don’t settle for a mediocre cup of just-add-water hot chocolate. Treat yourself to one of Utah’s best of the best cups of hot chocolate no matter where you are.

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