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Second Annual Goth Prom at Area 51

Area 51 hosts their 2nd annual Goth Prom on November 18.


DJ Courtney (on the left) and DJ Mikhell (on the right)

On November 18, Club Area 51 plays host to the dark and mysterious glamour of the 2nd annual Goth Prom. This party is organized by DJ Mikhell and DJ Courtney, both of whom regularly
spin at Club Area 51, but above all are longtime friends and collaborators. “I’ve been going to clubs—Sanctuary, Area 51— for the last 16 years” says Mikhell. “… I’ve always been into the
music and I hung out in the DJ booth with Courtney long enough that [he] showed me the ropes and let me DJ on of his nights for my birthday.”

For these DJ’s the gothic subculture fires their passion for the elegant and morbid. Bands such as Clan of Xymox, Siouxie and The Banshees and The Damned help define Goth’s distinctive
sound. Mikhell says, “I’ve always had a thing for the macabre as well—plus who doesn’t look good in black?”

Goth Prom is the alternative themed club night for folks seeking to dress up and dance to music uniquely found within the crypt like halls of Club Area 51. “I really wanted to throw a party that
I’d like to attend,” says Mikhell. “I wanted something classy that would give me a reason to really dress up and have a date.” After Goth Prom 2016 proved to be a success for Courtney and
Mikhell, they set their sights on making this year bash bigger and better. Courtney says, “Last year it really surprised us with allot of people we’ve never seen.”

Goth Prom 2017 promises to showcases unique and carefully selected tracks from genres spanning Goth, Industrial, New Wave, Post Punk and Death Rock. “We hope people come with
requests!” says Mikhell “I really want this to be an elegant event for people, not just another club night. I want it to be special, and romantic.” Apart from sets spun by Mikhell and Courtney, be
three guest DJ’s —Wesley Slaughter, Delilah and Drown—joining them behind the decks. In addition the Portland, Oregon based The Secret Light headlining this year’s Goth Prom. Mikhell says, “I was able to catch them at this year’s Dark Arts Festival and they were great – good music and fun to watch. I think Goth Prom attendees will be pleased.”

In recent years the look of the gothic subculture has become increasingly popular in Salt Lake City. This is maybe thanks to a sort of revived interest thanks to bands flirting with neo-new
wave sounds like Choir Boy or Fossil Arms. Mikhell and Courtney hope that this renewed interest will attract a new generation of the grim and fiendish to their events. “It seems like Goth
right now in SLC is more about wearing black and dark lipstick than the music. I feel like it died for a few years but I think it’s coming back,” says Mikhell. “Hopefully Goth Prom and other
events being thrown in SLC—at Area51, Club X, and Metro Music Hall— will help scene grow and introduce more people to the music rather than just the aesthetic.”

One doesn’t have to be a Goth to go to Goth Prom 2017, everyone is encouraged to attend. Goth Prom 2017 is 21 and over and advanced Tickets can be purchased—for cash only— at Iconoclad
(414 e 300 s Salt Lake City.) For those who buy their tickets at Iconoclad there is an early birddiscount ticket special for $10 vs the $15 at the door. Orchid Dynasty will also be giving out
customers a 20% discount on their floral needs— corsages and boutonnieres.

Goth Prom is on November 18, so be sure to get your tickets now. DJ Courtney —and if you’re lucky DJ Mikhell—can also be heard spinning their infectious selection of tracks of the soon to
be damned and undead on Friday and Saturday nights on the bottom 21 and over floor of Club Area 51.


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